House Projects

Over Christmas/New Years we took full advantage of the time we had off and got some projects done around the house. We painted our kitchen island, our bedroom, bought two new accent pieces of furniture and bought handles for our cabinets which we are in the process of hanging. We love working on the house and each small thing we do makes it feel that much more homey and get's us excited to do the rest of the things on our list. Now if our bank account would only catch up with our wish list $$$ being a homeowner is awesome but expensive

we started with a much smaller project and painted our kitchen island. 
Global Green

Then we decided to tackle our master bedroom

It took about 1.5 days of work to get it all done, all the while Scout slept on the bed

The color is Whale Gray and it turned out every bit of gorgeous I was hoping for
I got the inspiration for the color from these 2 beautiful rooms I found on Pinterest of course

 Now all we need is to find a beautiful bedroom set and put it all together. Like I said $$$ but worth it


New Years Eve

 On NYE Jeff and I went to dinner and a movie and then this happened..

9 pm. I passed out on the couch. 
@ 11 our friends came over and we bundled up and headed to Jeff's office
where we climbed up onto the roof to watch the fireworks from the strip
Hannah and Shane
It was freezing but worth it

Happy New Year!