He's cute and oh so spoiled!

this is how every car ride goes, he sticks his head out until he can't breathe any longer and ducks back in just long enough to get a breath. Silly dog.



We just finished up what will hopefully be the last big painting projects at our house! We painted our office a sandy-taupe color and after thinking our kitchen island was too dark for months I broke down and repainted it.

We only tested out 8 diff paint samples before we actually picked one

Before: too dark

After: love it

I also painted our new magnet board to match


Jack and Nicholas

Every once in a while I work on the weekends and take care of the boys while my boss goes out, Jeff gets to tag along and we always take the boys to dinner and to do something fun afterwards. A few weekends ago we went bowling at the Southpoint Casino, I got but kicked! It was hilarious watching the boys trying to carry their balls and then use the 'Force' (Star Wars fanatics) to get it down the lane. I forgot how fun bowling is!

What a Hottie!


the handsome Nicholas

Group photo
The Seares in 10???



It just so happened that the weekend of Easter all of the Seares (minus mom and dad) were going to be in town so we had the opportunity to have Chris, Tess and Chloe stay at our house along with Scott and his girlfriend Rachel. We spent all day Saturday soaking up the rays @the JW Marriott pool and woke up Easter Sunday morning to a delish brunch and easter egg hunt for the kids. Here's the only picture I managed to take all weekend.

Scout and Coco, BFF's

The following weekend Lollie and Warner came down with Abbie and Grammy. We had a great time playing at the music park, taking Scout for walks, watching listening to General Conference (as we colored and played cars of course) and being silly


Cheeseball #2

wearing Lollie's bow and being silly in the car