This is awesome

I'm home alone can ya tell? ha


8 months

It's hard to believe we have been married for 8 months and in just 4 it will be a year!

Love you babe!


3 for the price of 1

This post is a real treat. It contains three things I love.
First, a good snow day! We have been "lucky" if that's what you wanna call it to have three snow days already this year and even more lucky to have been snowed in together, if you know what I mean ;) hehe

Pretty though isn't it?

Second, we like to venture out after the snow is all cleaned up into massive piles and there aren't many people on the roads. On one such occasion we decided to go to the, well I would tell you if I could remember the name of the museum but long story short it was closed because of the snow. Pwwhhh! Please. They don't know what snow is out here. Anyway, so we headed to the Yale Peabody museum and because we were first timers and it was closing in 45 mins the nice security man let us in for free! Holla! (saved us $18, which no offense to yale but I wouldn't have been pleased paying that for what I saw.. just sayin') It was fun and we saw most of everything in a quick and dashing manner. Still cool though.

Third, Jeffrey. When Jeff wears a beanie in the snow and then gets warmed up in the car and then back in the snow and then in the house, when he takes the beanie off he looks like a emo punk ready to start a band or better yet one that sings lead and plays guitar in a band. It's kinda cute in a grungy, emo, punk rock kind of way..

yeah, emo or not he's HOT!


Utah, the last installment

Jan 3, 2011
I got to spend this day with these two cute things

And of course my cute sister Abbie all of whom I have missed very much. At about 0715 I got a text from Abbie saying that Lauren was awake and in her crib calling for me. Ha I knew better but I took the bait anyway and went upstairs to play. I walked into Lauren's room to find the light on and both her and Warner in her crib laughing histerically at heaven knows what! It was so funny and cute. We played for about an hour and then Abbie got up and we had some yummy breakfast and played until naps and then Abbie and I went out to lunch and shopping for a little sister time. It was so nice to hang out and talk and play like we use to. Later that afternoon we headed back up to SL county to my parents' house where we played some more and then said our goodbyes. I went out to ice cream with Lisa, one of my best friends and it was a much needed night with the girls. I am so thankful to have been able to see and hang out with as many people as we did in such a short amount of time. I definitely got my fix!

War and his new basketball hoop. He's a pretty good shot!

Sis and her babydoll

She thought it was so funny to feed me the bottle

War's sweet new motorcycle he got for Christmas

Warner found this half sucked down sucker in a toy box in his playroom...
War- "ooh look cass a sucker!" then it went right in his mouth. hehe yuck!

Jan 4, 2011
Travel day. I use to love to travel, I use to love to fly. I still do, it's still fun and exciting but I prefer to do it with Jeff rather than by myself. I usually have delays, or miss my plane for one reason or another. I have gotten really good at crying and not paying for a new ticket (okay so the tears are genuine but it helps nonetheless) Anyway, I was feeling homesick for Jeff even though I was at "home" in Utah with family and friends but I was not excited to go home to CT and be alone while Jeff was in Norwalk . But it was going home time so I packed up and my mom and I went to lunch before heading to the airport. I had a pretty good travel day and only had one 2 hour delay. Jeff even came home the next night to be with me. I love him.

We had such a great trip and I'm so thankful for the help of our parents in getting us out there. Thanks to everyone who drove us around or let us borrow vehicles and kept us up for a night or two. We loved seeing you all and next time hope to see more of Ryan and Jill and their cute kiddies and Chris and Tess as well. Maybe we'll see some of you out our way for a change ;)


More Utah Fun

Dec 31, 2010
On NYE Jeff and Scott went skiing in the morning time and I had the opportunity to spend the day with Dave and Becky. We went on a small outing to Orem and then back down to sandy to see a movie where because of the below 0 temps on top of the mountain Jeff met us after just a few runs. We went back to the Seare's house and cleaned up and met Scott and Becca along with Dave and Becky at Asian Star for dinner. Mmm.. it was delicious! We headed up to spend the night at Chris and Tess's place. Poor Jeffrey was so sick so we layed around and he was out by 1030, I stayed up and watching the NYE countdown and I remember seeing the clock it was 11:58 and I was thinking ok, two minutes and we can go to bed. Next thing I know I woke up and I am watching confetti flying and people on tv kissing their way into the new year. Oops! haha I kissed Jeff and then he woke up and we went upstairs to go to bed. Happy New Year all! hehe We woke up the next morning at 5 and took Chris and Tess to the airport so they could fly to cancun for their honeymoon. Ugh I was so jealous, but excited for them at the same time. We had an awesome honeymoon and I wished we were going somewhere warm and tropical!

Jan 1, 2011
This day we met my parents and Jeff's parents at Texas Roadhouse for lunch so that our parents could finally officially meet. A little backwards since we had already been married for 7 months but Jeff and I kinda like to do things our own way you could say. It was a great lunch and I think it went very well and I was glad we were able to squeeze it into our fast and furious trip. Jeff and I met up with John and Erin, and Mason and Sarah later that night and went to the Jazz game. It was so fun to hang out with them and the game was a good game as well. The boys (Jeff) all wanted to sit together so after about 10 minutes they all stood up and made the girls move to all sit together so they could sit by each other. It was funny and made for some cute pictures. It was a fun night and I'm glad we had the chance to hang out a little.

Before the seating assignment change

typical Jeff and Jon

The foxy Ladies

Their studly men

Jan 2, 2011
A dreadful day. One I had been dreading for weeks anyway. Jeff went home to CT this day, not just home to our house though, to Norwalk where he will be living 6 weeks for his pediatric rotation. The day before we had been talking about whether Dave and Becky should drop me off first and then Jeff at the airport or the other way around and he said, "Well it's a matter of whether you want my parents to see you crying or not." I laughed because he knew exactly what I had been debating in my head without me having to say anything. I love that he understands me without me even knowing what I want sometimes. Needless to say I couldn't say goodbye to him at my parents' house so we rode to the airport and I cried all the way back to my parents' house. Oh well. I have no pride or shame anymore I'm pretty sure last year I cried in practically every airport in the country. Jeff left and I spent the afternoon with my parents and then we headed down to Abbie's house for dinner.


A Utah fix

Dec 29, 2010
0430- Leave the house for the airport, off to Utah!
12 noon (Utah time)- arrive in UT, meet father-in-law for the first time
1300- see Chris, Tess and Ryan at Lemco. I inquire about all the wedding details, of course!
1400- family lunch at the Seares, Grandma and Grandpa Ridd come as well
1500- snow starts
1600- Tess show's up. We all sit and visit. I love to sit and eat and visit. It's in my genes
1700- it's really snowing now!
1800- leave to meet mom, jeff's off to the bachelor party
1900- family dinner with everyone! (minus mike and the friefelds)
1930- baby shower for miles and her little peanut
1000- movie with mom, finally watched new moon!
1200- Jeff comes to get me, he was late and it was snowing, I was worried and grumpy! Sorry babe!
1245- CRASH!

Looks like Warner and Lauren both got their mom's sweet tooth! hehe

Emily, Ab and Jill

Dec 30, 2010 Wedding Day!
0800- up and in the shower
1045- leave for the temple
1130- meet everyone in the temple waiting room
1230- we have a new sister! Congrats to Mr. and Mrs. Chris and Tess Seare
1300- meet baby Chloe for the first time, I hog her all to myself!
1330- pictures outside the temple, it was freezing but beautiful!
1400- lunch at Litza's Pizza
1600- back at Chris and Tess's house to change
1700- wedding pictures
1730- ring ceremony
1800- the party begins!

I'm terrible lame and possibly the worst picture taker ever so these are the only two I have of the wedding :(
but I couldn't resist another Seare brother picture, best looking brothers ever! And of course one of the gorgeous bride, love love her dress!

The wedding was so beautiful and classy! Next to my own of course it's one of my favorites I have been to. It even felt a little like our own wedding meeting and talking to all these people (for the 2nd time of course, the first being at our wedding and may be a little hard to remember now) but it was so nice to see everyone again. Tess and Chris were both stunning and I've never seen two people so perfect for one another. We are so thankful to have been able to go home and be there!