Our 3rd Anniversary

Side Note: After 3 X's of booking our Peru trip and finding out later after we thought it was booked that something happened and it wasn't booked after all May was no longer an option to go. So even though we are going to Peru in July it is still for our anniversary.
This year we spent all week celebrating and my sweet husband made sure it was a memorable one. Wednesday May 15 was our true anniversary but because of work we decided to officially celebrate during the weekend. Wednesday evening we went to dinner and home to bed for early mornings at work on Thurs. Friday evening we went to dinner @ the Cheesecake Factory and Jeff took me to the new Green Valley Galaxy luxury movie theaters to see Star Trek. The movie was awesome but even more awesome was the theater. Each seat there is a lazy boy recliner with its own built in swinging tray table. Talk about comfortable! It was better than watching a movie at home on our new and not quite broken in couch. I told Jeff for as little as we go to movies right now it's worth it to spend the extra $2 a ticket. I don't think I can ever go back to a regular movie chair now! Saturday was the baby shower for my friend Jen at our house and after a yummy dinner of shower leftovers we went down to the strip to see Recycled Percussion. It was a very fun and entertaining show! (Although, if you plan on going just be warned that they give everyone an old pan/lid, etc and drumstick as you walk in and you literally wish you had a xanax in your pocket because it is just loud unorchestrated chaos until the show actually starts!)

I came home wednesday to these gorgeous 12 :)

Getting our vaccinations for Peru. We each got 2 shots- one for yellow fever and one for typhoid fever

Our delicious dinner at Cheesecake. I love a good piece of grilled salmon!

Reeses Peanut Butter cheesecake. Disclaimer! It didn't have one reeses pb cup in, on or near it = :(

relaxing in our red lazy boys pre Star Trek

Recycled Percussion- they came out hanging upside down, the pics suck but you get the idea..

Thanks to my Jeffrey for making our anniversary special. Let the countdown to Peru begin!


Baby Shower for Jenalee and Miya

As soon as I found out my friend Jen was pregnant I called that I got to throw her LV baby shower. I chose colorful polka dots as the theme because Jen has the most fun and bubbly personality. Everything turned out just as I planned (mostly) and the shower was a hit. Now all we have to do is wait until July for baby Miya (Mee-yah) to make her grand entrance. Jen's due date is July 21 and at first I told her to keep her in there until the 23rd because I would be happy to share my birthday with her (Jeff and Jen's husband Tim have the same June 21 b-day) but since we are now going to Peru in July, we leave the 19th, I'm hoping she decides to come a few days early!

candy bar

I made these letters to be displayed in baby girls nursery, the colors match the bedding her awesome momma sewed

 the food

my pom pom balls didn't turn out too great and after falling down twice I refused to hang them back up. Scout stood and growled/barked at one of them after it fell down for a good 15 mins, it was pretty entertaining! 


ward friends

reading the books gifted for Miya's nursery library

Jeff worked out in our yard today during the shower, Scout trotted around in and out like he owned the place. At one point he came in with a huge piece of sprinkler tape wrapped around his paw

As usual I forgot to get any official pictures of the gorgeous momma to be and her shower attendees but thanks for everyone for coming! We can't wait to meet you baby Miya!


BFFs Reunited

Erika and Taylor made a pit stop at our house on their way to Cali for a night and we made good use of the short time we had to spend with them. We spent friday night on the strip and saturday after breakfast we went to the Hoover Dam.

@ the Cosmo

Best Friends Forever

famous Cosmo chandelier

Hoover Dam

Thank for coming guys, we had a blast!


Spring Program(s)

Jack and Nicholas each had a spring program at school this week. They were pretty cute and they each had a special part that we had worked hard to memorize at home. I was one proud nanny.

playing Uncle Sam

Going on a Bear Hunt


Becky's Birthday

Jeff and I make a super short and quick to Utah to surprise Becky for her birthday. She was surprised to see us and excited we were there to help celebrate her big day. Love you Becky!

Pre-party Seare brother bike ride



Our Sweet Backyard

My husband is a pretty smart guy and thanks to him and his bright ideas our backyard looks amazing and we love spending our evening out there! 

We had a landscaper do our turf, retaining wall and trees, we spent a few more saturdays doing the rest

We have since added a few more pieces of flagstone and bark. We have plans to add more trees next year and curb our turf with the stones. I'm sure our yard will be just like our house, an ongoing and ever changing project. But for right now we are just glad to not have a big dust bowl back there anymore!