First Christmas!

Jeff and I had a perfect first christmas together full of good food, nice presents, time off and family. Okay, so maybe it was a little short on those last two but it all worked out for the better. I had to work Christmas Eve so Jeff being the sweet husband he is came and spent a few hours with me at the hospital and we had dinner together and treats and later after I got off work I met him at home to see the tree packed with more presents.. for me! What a stinker! And I'm not quite sure how but somehow we ended up staying up until 2 am watching surgery Youtube videos???? I'm not sure I could even explain if I tried. Anyway, after we finally managed to get into bed Jeff kept begging me to just open up presents right then and there and he was so squirmy and excited it took him 20 minutes to fall asleep which if you know anything about jeff falling asleep is an eternity compared to his usual head hits pillow=he's out! I woke up early to sneak out to the family room and fill jeff's stocking up with goodies and arrange his presents on the couch and when I was satisfied with the job and myself for pulling a last treat on him I snuck my way back into bed only to have Jeff who was "sleeping" say, "what are you up to?!" BUSTED! Needless to say there was going to be no more sleeping so at 730am we went out and opened presents! It was very fun and I loved watching Jeff it was seriously like being with a five year old he was so excited I loved it. Of course after presents we went back to bed for a few hours but not before I got a phone call from the hospital telling me I didn't need to come in! Merry Christmas to us! We woke up and had a delicious and high calorie breakfast (save the diets for new years right?) skyped and called our families and then went out to a movie! We were planning on dinner after our movie but since neither of us had ever tried to go out to eat on christmas day before we hadn't realized that NOTHING would be open! So it was our favorite little chinese take-out place to the rescue and the rest is history. It wasn't like some of the Christmases I remember but it's definitely my favorite and most memorable so far!

why do my pictures always get put in the wrong order? hmm...


Time flies when you're having fun

Happy 7 months to me and this stud muffin.

Love you babe!


New York City with Scott and Becca

We went to NY. Scott and Becca came to see us. It was a blast. We saw pretty much all there was to see, ate some good food, got little sleep, walked our shoes off, froze from head to toe, rode the A-train (this time with a much better experience), took in a show at Radio City Music Hall (I've always dreamed of going there), I decided in my next life I MUST be a NY city Rockette!, did a little shopping, took lots of pictures (well Jeff and Becca took lots of pictures, Scott and I stood around and talked about how nice it was that we got all the perks of great pictures of a great trip without the hassle. genius I tell you. We talked, we laughed, we joked, we cried. Okay, I secretly cried every time we went outside. It was FREEZING!!!!! We saw the big tree, and the new years ball, both of which I decided are much bigger on tv, did a little, more like a lot of people watching and had a very fun, adventure filled weekend. We then headed back to CT and spent two more wonderful nights with Scott and Becca, showed them around our new home and we couldn't have had more fun if we tried.

Scott and Becca, thanks so much for taking the time and spending the $$ to come see us! It meant so much to both of us and we were so excited and happy to have you guys out here!


Interfaith Service

Every year the churches out here get together to put on an interfaith service, before the LDS church has never been invited. This year however, we were invited and so our ward volunteered to host the event. Jeff and I went last night and it was really a cool thing to be a part of. Everyone came in their sunday best and each church had their Deacon, Rabbi, Pastor, Bishop, etc. get up and read a scripture or give a sermon. It was all about Thanksgiving and focused on the things we have in common such as our love for our Heavenly Father and all he has blessed us with. When it came our turn our primary got up and sang a medley of Thanksgiving hymns and they were huge hit. It was very much a success and a great opportunity. Afterwards there was refreshments and mingling in the back. I hope our church will have the opportunity to be invited from here on out.

*In other news we are meeting Scott and Becca in New York this weekend then bringing them back to our place! Our first visitors, couldn't be more excited!


Half a year already gone, eternity to go :)

I am so thankful to be married to my best friend. Jeff is my better half in every way and makes me the best version of myself. The past six months have been such an incredible adventure and I wouldn't have wanted to do it with anyone else by my side holding my hand. Being our six month anniversary today I am reminded of six things that I have come to remember/discover while being married to Jeff that I am thankful for.

1. I am so proud of Jeff and his hardworking demeanor and determination never cease to amaze me. He is so dedicated to his school work and profession and I learn so much from him. It's awesome to not only see but hear the passion he has for medicine each day as he tells me about his day and what he got to see/do. I am so happy to know that he is doing what he loves and I know whatever field he chooses to go into he will make an amazing PA and bless many lives because of his love for what he does.

2. I am so grateful for the worthy priesthood holder he is and for the blessings and spirit it has brought into our home. It is such a comfort to have the priesthood in my home and I am so thankful for his willingness to take callings and help out in our ward family wherever there is a need. He is such a wonderful example to me and others and I love seeing him in those leadership roles, he is such a natural born leader.

3. Jeff is a true romantic. Not a day goes by that I not reminded of how much he loves and appreciates me. Whether it be a sweet text, message, him doing the dishes or laundry, buying us "surprise" gifts, taking care of something I am not an expert or sure about, waking up to or coming home late at night to a wrapped present waiting for me on the table "just because" or him coming home early from work with a beautiful bouquet of flowers for me, I always feel like such a queen the way he treats me. I knew Jeff was the one long before he did (haha) just for the simple fact that he treated me better as a friend than any of the guys I had dated treated me as a girlfriend. He has always told me how special I am and how much he loves me. I love him for not being afraid to express himself to me no matter who we are with or where we may be.

4. He can make me smile even when I feel like I don't want to and he puts up with me when everyone else couldn't get away fast enough. Sometimes I can get ornery but Jeff never gets angry with me. He is so loving and patient with me and will try everything he can to make things better, even though most of the time he doesn't know what I am mad about. Gosh I'm a pain. I love him for loving me, the good and the bad.

5. He is so much fun! There is never a dull moment at our house, Jeff is always telling a cool story, dancing and singing to me. He loves to tickle, poke, pinch my cheeks, etc. He always has good ideas and is always up to try new things and go places most people would probably think is dumb. He plays into my love for the holidays and will do his best to get as excited as I do over every tiny thing. I love it.

6. Jeff is an awesome husband and being married to him has been such a pleasure. I know we are only half-way there but I have no idea what people are talking about when they say the first year of marriage is the hardest. So far it has been better than I had ever hoped it could be. I know I am lucky to be married to Jeff, he is such a catch and I am thankful everyday he chose me to spend his life with. I look forward to everything we have in store for us and I know we can do anything as long as we are together. Jeff is going to make an amazing father someday and although I want to have him all to myself for at least a couple of years before we start our family, I look forward to joy we will have with our own little family and feel comforted knowing he will be the father of my children.

I love you so much Jeff. Thank you for the best 6 months of my life. I fall more in love with you everyday and look forward to everyday in eternity I have to spend with you.


Merry (early) Christmas to us!

After much talk and months of deliberation we finally broke down and bought ourselves an awesome new serta mattress! Jeff didn't want to wait any longer so instead of borrowing a truck we threw it on top of the 4 runner, tied it down and took it home. I'm sure the neighbors got quite an entertaining show watching Jeff and I haul it in the house! Let's just say there was a lot of laughing and stumbling around on my part and pure manly strength on Jeffrey's part. I tried. haha

I love christmas.


A Better Update

Cassie and I are doing really good. As far as for a few updates from us I will fill you in.
I am still in my rotations and traveling all over Connecticut. Earlier this month I was up in New London, CT at the U.S. Coast Guard Academy in the Primary Care setting. I loved it. It was really fun treating and being with the young cadets and retiree's. It was a great experience for me, minus the 2 hour commute I had each day.
Fall time is absolutely beautiful in New England. It amazing driving everywhere and seeing all the trees. It is like diving up the canyons of Utah, but everywhere you go and 10 times more colorful. Amazing! Today we are heading to our ward trunk or treat, then off to some friends house for pumpkin carving.

I am Currently at St. Francis Hospital in Hartford, CT and doing OB/GYN rotation. My first 2 weeks there I was involved with labor & delivery. I actually got to deliver 2 babies all by myself! It was an awesome experience. I can now say I have delivered a baby in my life. I will send you a picture of the team and baby I was delivered. Great experience. This past week I was in a OB/GYN clinic for people without healthcare or on medicaid. I have seen just about everything and I am the one doing all the exams. Not my favorite thing but a great experience. I have learned a lot about women's health and appreciate the pregnancy process and continuity that goes along with it.
Things have been crazy for me the past few months and I have learned more than I would have imagined. A great experience in all.

I will tell you a great experience I had 2 weeks ago while in the labor and delivery portion of my rotation.
There was a preterm baby born at 23 weeks gestational age. I had the great experience of being there for the delivery and working with some of the PA's of the NICU where I was able to follow them from the second the infant was born to the NICU. I was able to assist and observe as the P.A.'s intubated, resuscitated, and cared for the infant. I saw them place arterial and venous lines (done right in the remnant umbilical cord of the infant, since the veins and arteries of the rest of the body are too small for regular access). It was a great experience and while observing I had a incredible feeling come over me. I felt this is something that I would really love to do for my career. After talking to the PA's, they offered to have me up to the unit for a month as an elective rotation. Hopefully I will be able to spend a month with them and see if this is really an area I would love. The whole time I just kept thinking about Ryan and Jill and their experience with premature twins. I look at Calvin and think what a miracle and how I would love to assist in this amazing process for many other people. We'll see.......

As far as my wife goes, she is working hard for us. She is still a nurse assistant at Yale-New Haven Hospital and enjoying what she does, except the scheduling. She is having a great experience out on the East coast and she does a great job with updating our blog of what we are doing. I will post the link so it is easy to access. She is doing great and I love and appreciate her more and more each day. She is the best addition to my life since I discovered Peanut Butter and Taco Bell. I always tell her that no matter what happens in our marriage we will always have 3 things in common. Our LOVE for 1)The gospel, 2)Peanut Butter, 3)Taco Bell. I figure as long as we keep this in our life we can make it through anything.

I hope all is well with you guys and everyone. Keep in touch and feel free to check out our blog. We will be home for Chris and Tess's wedding. We get home the 29th of December about noon, and I will have to leave back for CT on the 2nd, but Cassie will be staying until the 4th. See you then.




Jeffrey surprised me with this tonight.

He loves me :)

PS. finally booked our tickets today. Utah here we come!


3 Things

1. These gorgeous trees are right out our front door. They look even more amazing in the morning when we are leaving for work and the sun is coming up. I don't mind waking up to them one bit.

2. I made a kick butt Caramel Apple Crisp. Like really really good. So I shall share the recipe with you.

Thank you Linda and PW!

3. I had a craving for a pretzel. This is what came from it. The husband was quite impressed and delighted. Mission accomplished.

Make them.


Special Delivery!

*Disclaimer: this is NOT, and I repeat NOT an announcement.

Last night while I was sleeping, MY baby delivered a baby! He called me at 0430 this morning just like I made him promise he would if it happened. I was/am so excited for him, super jealous but even more excited. Call me crazy but I think it's the coolest thing. Way to go babe!


Home Sweet Connecticut

I love my new home in CONNECTICUT. I love being here with my HUSBAND. One thing I thought I would never say and the latter one I had only dreamed I could say one day. I love where life has taken me, I love that after months of daydreams and some good moves on my part, literally that I won the heart of my sweet Jeff. I love that we are on our own, together, and experiencing so many new things. I love love love making our home here in Connecticut and traveling to nearby states to explore and play as well. We have truly been blessed since becoming married and we know we are living a dream of many people and we are so thankful for the chance and opportunity to do so. I knew before moving here, even before Jeff moved here that Connecticut existed but I never knew how beautiful and unique it really is. I want to share a few things I love and a few things I'm not too fond of, funny qwerks and other odd/fun things about our new home.

-The foliage. Connecticut is green, so green! The view from the 12th floor of the smilow cancer hospital where I work is magnificent. I look out daily and from one corner instead of looking out and seeing tall buildings, homes and streets all you can see is a sea of trees. Imagine how beautiful it is starting to look now that the leaves are changing colors. Gorgeous.

-Small town feel. Connecticut is home to some very big cities like New Haven where I work and the capitol, Hartford but away from those cities they are surrounded by smaller towns and cities that are so small, quaint and old fashioned? Maybe. I love the small town feel, being able to drive down a small two way or one way street and seeing businesses that are actually housed in homes, ma and pa shops and restaurants that you won't find anywhere else. It's nice living in a small community but knowing you are so close the big city as well.



-Being a minority. Not all of the time but in certain areas, or situations I have experienced this for the first time both culturally and spiritually. It can be very refreshing and also makes me appreciate the differences in people and the learning we can do from one another.

-Pizza. They claim it's the best in the country here on the east coast. Some places even boast to be written as the best in the state or whatever. It's good don't get me wrong but my favorite part of a pizza is the crust. I always eat Jeff's crusts that he refuses so while I enjoy the thin crust pizza here I can't wait to get some good thick crust pizza when I get back to Utah for a visit.
No offense Pepe!

-Humidity. Ah, feels like vacation, does wonders for my skin but my hair and I enjoy the days when it's not in the air.

-The houses. I could drive for hours and look at all the homes here and never be bored. They're so different and unique both from the cookie cutter homes in utah and from each other. Brick, wrap around porches, tall columns, long driveways with tall lights, they sit up on tall hills or are tucked away in the foliage so deep you can't blink or you will miss them. They are tall and thin or short and wide. They are all the colors of the rainbow and I have even told Jeff I wish I could look at both sides of the street at the same time while we are driving for fear that I will miss one that is awesome. I love looking at them, now if only I could go inside....

Big house on the hill or oops! forgot my pill?!

-The ocean. Connecticut doesn't have the likeness of the beaches of Cali or Florida but it has a beach and the ocean and I'm not complaining!

-The people. At first I found the people to be horribly rude. I felt they were always short with me and I couldn't handle the bad attitude they all seemed to have but maybe it was me? Maybe I had a bad attitude? Anyway, I love the people. They are so different in every way and once again I find it to be refreshing. Although, there are the occasional dealings with people I would just as soon forget right away, I know that can and does happen everywhere. Also I would like to note that the people here eat fried chicken and macaroni and cheese like it's going out of style. 9 am or 11 pm makes no difference to them. Curse them for tempting me and sending me home from work everyday craving that very thing. Curse them all and their chicken!

-Our ward. Our ward is awesome. I am so grateful for them and the friendships we've made since being here. Although I feel like the worst church member/nursery leader at times because of my weekend schedules at work I am thankful for the opportunity to serve and am always amazed that the sweet spirit is the same and can be seen and felt everywhere you go as long as you are worthy of it. I am thankful to have a wonderful husband who not only holds the priesthood but beyond that takes on his callings and never complains despite his hectic schedule, he is such a good example to me.
Our best friends Gavin and Hallie

-The History. Connecticut is full of history and it's been so fun learning about it this summer as we have enjoyed many tours and things of the sort. We are going to take a tour of the church on the New Haven green that has a crypt in the basement if it's the last thing we do before we leave here! Have to see it.

Yale. Both historical and educational.

-The Education. I love being surrounded by intelligent hardworking people. I love being one of the many wives of husbands with busy medical school schedules and boasting about my awesome, smart and handsome to boot husband. I love telling people my husband goes to Quinnipiac University and see the lights go on in their eyes, I love working @ Yale New Haven Hospital and while I am not a student these days I am grateful for the education I am still receiving everyday.

-The drivers. Sometimes I love it, other days the road rage is flaring up! The freeway systems out here might as well not even have a speed limit. Everyone drives how, where and at what speed they choose. At any given moment there are people driving 50-95 mph on the same stretch of road. It's crazy, convenient and obnoxious. If you can imagine. Connecticut is home to one the most dangerous stretches of road. The Merritt Parkway, or as we call if the 15 for short. On this highway there are no merging onramps it's 0-60 in seconds and the off ramps are even worse. They are all complete round-abouts and they aren't kidding when the speed limit says 25 mph. Any faster and you will go off the road or flip your car. It's scary.
I don't even know...

-The Fall. My favorite season, home to my favorite holiday Halloween. People travel from all over the world to New England to experience the fall here. How lucky are we to have a front seat view from start to finish from our own front door. Holla!
Can't wait to see what this will look like in 2 more weeks!

Most of all though I love this handsome guy. And home for me will always be where he is.

Finally I would like to educate you with a few new words I learned since moving here:

Carriage: not the baby kind. It's actually a shopping cart. Strangest thing ever to call a shopping cart a carriage and it still catches me off guard every time. I even once had to pay a quarter to get one from the grocery store. Never been back!

Johnny Coat: a hospital gown. Strange I know, I prefer to call it a gown myself but of course monkey see, monkey do and I have said it once or twice and hated myself each time. Sounds so... eh. Gown. Gown. Gown. Gown. Gown.....

-Guido: An Italian person. They're a pretty big deal here I guess or something to have their own nickname. I prefer to still pretend to have no idea what it means when people say it to me. I like to see them squirm in their seats like how rude am I to not know!... hehe I'm so mean.

Don't worry, while I love it here and am happy to call it home there are plenty of things I love and miss about Utah. And I am taking it upon myself to educate the people here about "The stix" aka Utah. Haha they have sooooooooo much to learn!


Shout Out

5 months. The best 5 months.

LYG Jeffrey


An Apple a Day

Jeff and I haven't been able to get enough of this GORGEOUS fall weather as we are cooped up inside most of the day so on Friday night when I got home from work Jeff told me he had our Saturday planned out for us. I was very excited when he told me we were going to go to the Lyman Orchards. We have been wanting to go for some time but it's hard to schedule in all the activities we have on our list to do but I am so glad we waited until now to go. (Except that we missed the peaches season by 2 weeks :'( ) We got up after sleeping in on Saturday morning and started our day out right with blueberry and reeses pieces waffles, put in a great workout at the gym, came home cleaned up and headed for the Orchard. It was so beautiful and only about 1/3 of the trees have changed color so we quickly decided we would be making at least another trip or two before winter sets in to pick some good carving pumpkins and take in the gorgeous fall colors. Like I said we missed the peach picking season by 2 weeks but the apples are in full bloom, they have 18 different kinds and we had so much fun walking through the different rows of apples and picking the most juicy, shiny and biggest apples we could find. After we finished picking the lucky apples to go home with us we headed over the Apple Barrel, it is a medium red building built like an apple barrel and inside is a small market complete with homemade apple cider (to die for!), pies of every kind, apple crisp, fresh produce, homemade pastries, cookies, muffins, stuffed breads, sandwiches, soups, pumpkins seeds, etc. It was jam packed but we had a fun time going through and picking some yummy goodies to go with our apples. We decided to for go the corn maze and instead we sat by the lake soaking up some rays and drinking our delicious apple cider. Mmmm... my mouth is watering just thinking about it.

After enjoying the sights and weather we decided to go get some things done we needed to do and ran an errand or two. Okay, so we only ran one real errand and it was a shopping one so of course it wasn't very hard and then we treated ourself to Thai Awesome for dinner and for dessert we went to the Spirit Halloween store for some good old fashioned Halloween Spirit. (Halloween is my favorite holiday, weird I know considering I am afraid of my own shadow. But I just love everything about it and my understanding Jeffrey is so sweet to play into all my crazy excitement over the whole thing. thanks babe!) Anyway, they have this wicked awesome bubble machine that spits out fog bubbles. The bubbles come out and when they pop it's all fog, so cool. I want one real bad. Again, weird I know.
This is what happens when you try to finish all the batter in one waffle shot. Yikes.

Again we had things we needed to do so we headed home to do some laundry and Jeff did some school stuff to get ready for his new rotation he starts tomorrow, OBGYN @ Saint Francis Hospital. I am so jealous. Remember how I want to be a midwife someday and deliver lots and lots of babies? Well, I am excited for him to get that opportunity but still a little jealous. We went over to a sports grill to meet some friends and watch the last half of the Utah game, we were only there about 15 minutes when our friend Mike called informing us Melissa was in labor and they needed us to go over and spend the night at their house with Hallie and Gavin while they went to the hospital.

I was so excited! I thought, here is my opportunity! I told them I would bring some clean towels and shoe laces over and we would get 'er done but they decided just to go to the hospital after all and little baby Chloe was born October 10, around 3 am. ( 10/10/10 pretty sweet birthday I think) Gavin and Hallie were up at 0700 like clockwork just like Mike and Melissa told us they would be and Jeff and I laughed when we both woke up to their little voices whispering in the next room. They weren't even phased when they walked into their parents room and found Jeff and I instead of their parents. We told them baby Chloe was born and after just looking at us for a second and not saying anything or commenting on the fact that their parents were gone and we were there instead Gavin said, "Look at our cool swords!" haha I love kiddies. We hung out a little longer while Mike came home and had a nap, helped get the kids ready to go and then we headed for home to take a nap ourselves. We wanted to spend today in the sunshine too so we loaded up a big quilt, some books and snacks and headed to East Rock Park. The park has a nice trail and at the summit a breathtaking view overlooking the whole city of New Haven. It was lovely and the weather was lovely as well. We finally pulled ourselves away and headed home where we were able to skype Dave and Becky. We hadn't skyped with them since before Jeff was starting the 6 week rotation he just finished last week so it was so nice to see and talk to them.

I live for weekends like this with my handsome man!



I followed a day behind my mom, Abbie and her two kiddies and met them in Florida @ Emily and Mitchell's house for a week of fun in the sun. Although I was vey sad to leave my sweet Jeffrey, I was very excited to see my mom, sisters and my niece and nephews that I hadn't seen since the wedding. (and Mitchell of course) We played in the pool, stayed in our jammies all day, played trucks, watched movies, talked/caught up on everything that is new, spent a day at the beach, ate yummy homemade treats and had a wonderful week. I feel very lucky to have such a wonderful and giving family and even more to have been able to see them!

A little out of order but nobody is perfect right? I'm sure there will be more posts to come as well..
Thanks for a great trip family, miss you already! Loves