Jeff's Surprise 30th Party

You only turn 30 once and I knew when we got married that I wanted to throw Jeff a surprise party for his 30th. Jeff is awesome at keeping secrets and always surprises me with dates, presents, flowers, etc. I on the other hand have a really hard time pulling genuine surprises off for him. He did not make this one easy, let me tell you! I planned his party to be the weekend before his actual birthday that we were planning on spending in Newport, he was to be out of town thurs-sat afternoon for work.. It was the perfect set up, until his plans changed about 100 times. I was stressed and thought about throwing in the towel but I really wanted to have a party, whether it was a surprise or not so for sort of last minute plans it turned out great. Unfortunately, our out of towners were not able to make it because of the continual change of plans but we had a good turn out of Vegas family and friends and most importantly, he was completely surprised! Score one the wifey!

My sweet sister surprised me saturday morning with her kidlets who had driven all the way down to help out/ be there for the party. Love them!

                         We had pizza, watermelon, veggie tray, floats, cookies & cupcakes!

                                                                The Birthday Boy

Thanks to everyone who came and helped celebrate Jeff's big day with us!