A post for Abbie

My sister Abbie has been asking me to post pictures of our apartment. Well here you go sister, if you would have come down to visit you would know what it looks like by now ;) love you.

Our new entertainment center we got for $250, brand new @ a Ashley furniture store liquidation. sorry the pic looks like crap. ugh.

Christmas tree and the awesome wreath I made

thanks for the book mom ;)

front room and handsome jeff
our table minus the leaf and 4 chairs
its a mess, I'm in the process of making caramels and dinner
guest bath
master bath

my pretty shower curtain that remains me of you
our beautiful bedroom set

my favorite part-washer and dryer!!! NO more walking outside and taking 4 flights of stairs!

Seriously is anyone else having problems with blogger and their pictures?? They look like crap!

My working man

Just wanted to do a little shout-out post to my hard working man. Love you Jeffrey, thank you for working so hard and taking care of us. I am so proud of you and even more proud to be married to you.

Our boy Scout

Our little Scout is one of a kind.

When allowed out of his kennel (we are training) he loves to be right where you are and is my little helper around the house..

wrapping presents
making gingerbread houses
folding laundry
washing dishes
All that hard work made him one sweaty and stinky little pup, so he got his first bath which he didn't mind at all. The blow dryer on the other hand, let's just say even the microwave the next day caused him an anxiety attack. Poor boy.

We just love his little puppy face, he is very hard to say no to

A time share presentation= FREE date night on the strip

I forgot to blog this...

Seafood buffet @MGM
P.S. what is blogger doing to my pictures? Grr..

Our first week here and while on the strip one night we got suckered into going to a time share presentation. In exchange for 3.5 hours of our time they gave us 2 FREE tickets to the circ show Mystere, $100 dollars of food vouchers and because I drive a hard bargain, $20 cash. It made for an awesome date night out on the town.