A post for Abbie

My sister Abbie has been asking me to post pictures of our apartment. Well here you go sister, if you would have come down to visit you would know what it looks like by now ;) love you.

Our new entertainment center we got for $250, brand new @ a Ashley furniture store liquidation. sorry the pic looks like crap. ugh.

Christmas tree and the awesome wreath I made

thanks for the book mom ;)

front room and handsome jeff
our table minus the leaf and 4 chairs
its a mess, I'm in the process of making caramels and dinner
guest bath
master bath

my pretty shower curtain that remains me of you
our beautiful bedroom set

my favorite part-washer and dryer!!! NO more walking outside and taking 4 flights of stairs!

Seriously is anyone else having problems with blogger and their pictures?? They look like crap!

My working man

Just wanted to do a little shout-out post to my hard working man. Love you Jeffrey, thank you for working so hard and taking care of us. I am so proud of you and even more proud to be married to you.

Our boy Scout

Our little Scout is one of a kind.

When allowed out of his kennel (we are training) he loves to be right where you are and is my little helper around the house..

wrapping presents
making gingerbread houses
folding laundry
washing dishes
All that hard work made him one sweaty and stinky little pup, so he got his first bath which he didn't mind at all. The blow dryer on the other hand, let's just say even the microwave the next day caused him an anxiety attack. Poor boy.

We just love his little puppy face, he is very hard to say no to

A time share presentation= FREE date night on the strip

I forgot to blog this...

Seafood buffet @MGM
P.S. what is blogger doing to my pictures? Grr..

Our first week here and while on the strip one night we got suckered into going to a time share presentation. In exchange for 3.5 hours of our time they gave us 2 FREE tickets to the circ show Mystere, $100 dollars of food vouchers and because I drive a hard bargain, $20 cash. It made for an awesome date night out on the town.


Thanksgiving in Utah

Jeff was lucky enough to have 5 days off for Thanksgiving weekend so we packed up and headed to Utah. We were worried about how Scout would do with the 6 hr drive because every time we take him in the car he shakes and cries/barks like there's no tomorrow. It's both sad and annoying. After talking to our vet we bought some benadryl and hoped we wouldn't have to use it. He did great on the drive up there, curled up between the two of us the minute we got in the car and didn't have an accident! Of course the second we set him on the floor at Chris and Tess's house (after Jeff stood outside with him to go, and he did) he pooped on their rug! Ugh.
We had a wonderful time in Utah with our families and had 2 very delicious turkey dinners. Unfortunately we didn't take any pictures but these few I got on my phone, we are lame!
Chuck and Scout, long lost brothers. Jeff said no to me bringing home my own cat but I'm still insisting Scout needs a kitty ;)

Lollie "cookin"
Both our breeder and vet told us that Yorkie puppies can only hold their output for as long as they are old so for Scout who is 2 months we can only expect him to hold it for 2 hours. We had just passed the last Beaver exit, with Scout asleep in the back and were confidently on our way to Cedar when he woke up and started to whine. I don't know why we thought he could make it but he climbed onto Jeff's lap (lucky me!) and next thing I know Jeff says, "Is he peeing?!" Yes.
Yes, he was in fact peeing, on jeff's lap. Oops! Sorry baby and sorry Jeff! hehe We couldn't really be mad at him because it was our fault but it was gross and hilarious and we made a stop so both boys could clean themselves up! Other than that our drive was as great as the first, Scout slept and entertained himself for 6 hours, but put him in the car for 5 mins and you better pack some ear plugs!

Finally Legal

As a Seare that is. After waiting a year and a half to change my name I am happy to say no more
Seare/Gallagher. As much as I loved being a Gallagher I am very happy to finally be a Seare (according to the government).

Christmas came early at the Seare house

I have the BEST and most thoughtful husband. He is a better man than I probably deserve and he goes to the ends of the earth to surprise me. He got me real good a few weeks ago.
At sunday dinner with the Augustine's Jodi (Jeff's cousin) asked us for a favor to drive up to Hurricane to pick up a customized hope chest she had made for her daughter for Christmas. I automatically agreed, we owe her, she's been so good to us since we got to Vegas; Jeff on the other hand was hesitant and told her we would have to check our schedules and get back to her. All week he griped about having to make the drive to Hurricane, Saturday came and when we got to the ladies house and walked inside I stared at the tiny, slatted wooden box that sat on her ottoman and thought to myself ," That's what we drove up here for!?" And then the sweetest, tiniest little head popped up and I was so confused. I literally did not know what was going on and everyone kept telling me to go pick him up. Well Chelsey (breeder) had 2 small girls and I kept thinking I'm not going to pick up their puppy... I turned to look at Jeff who happened to be standing behind me filming the whole thing on his iPhone and he said, "Merry Christmas hun!" I was stunned and in-love with our little guy the second I picked him up. I named him Scout and he is the funniest, smallest, most wild little guy I have ever known and we love him! He is quite a handful but has brought so much joy to our home. And I'm pretty sure he is putting us through a rigorous training course for when we add another member to our little family. (No I'm not pregnant)

Thank you Jeffrey! I love you so much and I love our little Scout!

He had the cutest little t shirt on when we picked him up, it is an xs and still drowned him!

he loves to tear up paper towels and would rather play with garbage items than the toys we bought him
tired boys

look at that sweet face!

If anyone is looking to buy a Yorkie and need a breeder ours is awesome! Her name is Chelsy Boucher and she is located in Hurricane, Utah. Check out her website for more information.
I would recommend her to anyone, her knowledge and love for the puppies is hard to find, not to mention her price and she even guarantees for her puppies up to one year. Just tell her Jeff and Cassie Seare sent you! We seriously love our little guy so much!


Day 8 Las Vegas or Bust!

Days 5, 6 & 7 :
We spent 3 glorious days in salt lake visiting with friends and family and massaging out our kinks. Sadly we took no pictures, I was to exhausted to do much more than just hang out.
Friday morning we once again loaded up our houche and took to the road. Chris, Tess and John and Courtney were kind enough to come down for the weekend and met us when we pulled into our new apartment. In about 30 minutes we were moved in, our bedroom and front room was set up and we happily left the rest of the mess behind and went out for a much needed fun night.
A HUGE thank you to all of you who helped us pack, move, drive, gave us beds to sleep, fed us, loved us, moved us, etc.. We couldn't have done it without you!

Day 4 Northe Platte to SLC

Nebraska is one of my least favorite places out there. No offense! We spent one night there and that was enough for me. We were all super stiff and sore from being cramped in the car and tired so we layed in bed and played on our computers for an hour before making the dreaded walk back to the car.
About halfway into the day I was not feeling well and asked if we could stop for lunch and to stretch. By the time we sat down I was in full blown tears I was so uncomfortable and emotional over who knows what, I guess 30 hours in the car can have that affect on a person. Becky and Jeff doctored me up real good and Becky took to driving the rest of the way, I am so grateful she was there because I'm not sure what would have happened otherwise.
We decided to make a quick pit stop at Ryan and Jill's house before heading down the canyon and Jill was sweet enough to feed us dinner.

Just a cute and completely appropriate picture of Chloe drinking the Seare family drink :)

We pulled into Dave and Becky's house around 830 that night and I have never been so relieved to be able to just go to bed!

Day 3 Chicago

I know I wasn't the only happy person to get to sleep in and not have to spend another day in the car! We putt putted around, went for a walk around Lake Michigan and enjoyed a yummy seafood dinner with Sharp, Laura and the boys before it was all over too soon and we were back in the car the next day headed for nebraska.

I already miss the gorgeous, unique homes from the east

L to R: Peter, me, Becky and Sharp

Nebraska or bust!

This is pretty much the view for the majority of the drive. Pretty exciting right?