Sew Nice

My sweet sister Abbie lent me her sewing machine last month and I have been trying to take advantage of it while I have it. I haven't sewed in years but so far so good. I started off with a small project to get my confidence up and it has been very fun and successful since. Now I just need my own machine! (HINT, HINT jeff ;) he knows already but a kind reminder never hurts) [I know I'm getting a house people, I'm not really asking for anything else anytime soon but I wouldn't take it back if one found its way into my possession] Ok, on to my projects then..

First, I made this small "park" bag for Scout to carry his water and ball in. Silly I know but I had the fabric and needed the practice.

Next, I made a hooded towel for my sista Lisa who is pregnant with her first baby. Turned out pretty good, minus the crooked "N" but I don't think she'll mind! It was super easy too! Here is the link if anyone is interested in making one.

Maxi skirts are all the rage right now and since it's unbearable to wear garments and pants for more than 20 minutes at a time here in Vegas,  I made myself one. And there will be plenty where that came from as soon as I get myself over to the fabric store this week!

I bought this shirt a while back, I love the top and sleeves but it was too long, boxy and drapy? drapey? Anyway, you get the idea. I cut it off and put a band on the bottom, problem solved :)

Scout loves to help me sew

he takes off with my scissors and leaves me little surprises like this one. 

My sewing skills are definitely a work in progress but I am enjoying having a machine and time to play with it! Hopefully many more to come :)


MT. Charleston

Jeff and I both snagged a new pair of Keens for our birthdays (early birthday for me) and we decided to go break them in and explore Mount Charleston. We headed out early Saturday morning with Scout in tow and hiked up to Mary Jane's Waterfalls. It was beautiful and because of the rainy weekend, the weather couldn't have been more perfect. The hike was about 6 miles round trip and I only had to carry Scout for about 5 minutes the whole way, he was loving it.

(Scout is in the middle bottom of the photo, peeking our from behind the rock)

 The falls, it was more of a strong trickle but we'll take it

Dirty and happy little puppy

 A day in the cool mountains and away from everything else was just what the PA ordered and we are already planning our return trip, this time we will camp for the weekend.

This was our sweet boy on the ride home. All tuckered out from his hike. 

How can you not love that sweet face?

After hiking some mud football took place, I did not participate having already showered. It looked fun but after someone sliced their foot open on some glass in the mud, I was pretty happy I decided to stay clean. (The PA on site stitched her up) Scout loved every minute of it. It was his best day to date I'm sure.

The sky on our way home


Seare Family Photos

While in town for Scott's graduation we (Becky-Merry Christmas!) took advantage of having everyone in town and we did family photos. The Seare's have expanded by 2 daughters-in-law and a grand baby since the last ones were taken. Here some of my faves:

 Scott and fam
 Ryan, Jill and fam
 Chris and Tess
 To prove how much I love my husband I am posting this picture

 Where it all began...

 Sisterly/brotherly love

*Side note: I had NOTHING to do with Jeff's haircut. Jeff used the wrong tip on his clippers and got a pretty clean buzz about 2 days before photos. That husband of mine... ;)


The Stars and Stripes

Happy Independence Day! 

We had a wonderful holiday week(end). We spent it with some pretty great people, by the pool, eating lots of yummy food, watching movies, sleeping in and of course fireworks. We went to a park to watch the Green Valley Station Casino fireworks, the show lasted seriously 7 minutes ;( Pathetic! There was jokes being made about "Obamaworks" (aka. our economy sucks so firework shows are now only 7 minutes long. Sad face.) We decided after the show ended and left us wanting more we would shoot off some of our own. I gave J a $20 limit ( I know right?) and he bought some and we went to Jodi's. Some of her neighbors had some pretty awesome and pretty dang illegal ones that they were shooting off so we ended up getting a pretty great show! I was glad when J was done lighting the ones he bought, I love fireworks but they kinda make me a nervous nelly. 

Thanks to all those who sacrifice so much to fight for our freedoms! We owe this day to you and your families who willingly give you away for a time to serve our country! 

In the famous words of my dad, "I'm just proud to be an American!"****

**** This was said over Thanksgiving dinner one year when we were instructed to go around and say what we were thankful for. We had 3 Taiwanese exchange students at the time, sitting at our table. AWKWARD. But completely hilarious, I love my dad.