Midnight Diner

Last friday Jeff finished his last core rotation and test. WOO to the HOOOO!!!! When school was done we headed to play with our friends that we only get to see every 6 weeks. We had some early and yummy appetizers that we shared and after a long night of hanging out and a movie when we crawled in bed we found ourselves very hungry! So @ 0030 we hopped in the car and headed to one of the many 24 hr diners for a midnight "snack". And then the next morning we took our butts to the gym to work off some calories and more importantly a little guilt but it was totally worth it.


Sweet Kicks

My brother-in-law Scott is CFO of a new shoe company out of SL called Lucha Shoes. Jeff and I just got our new shoes ( I got the red ones, naturally) last week and sported them around town this weekend. They are pretty hot lookin', resembling the Toms shoes but are much more comfortable, durable and affordable. We got plenty of comments and questions about our shoes from friends so here is the link, you should all check em out!


If you decide to purchase some shoes, and I don't know why you wouldn't want to, you can use the FNF (friends and family) promo code to take $8 off your shoes. Sweet right?

Happy shopping, walking and "Fighting"!



Fire in the hole

Actually to be honest it wasn't a hole so much as it was my OVEN.
That's right I set the oven on fire.
It looked a little soemthing like this.

I don't just mean I burned something and set the fire alarm off, I mean when I opened the oven door there were large red and orange FLAMES jumping out.
If I hadn't of been so panicked I might have even cooked myself a SMORE but instead I slammed the door shut, cursed out loud and turned the oven off. My heart was racing but I just stood there hoping the house wouldn't catch on fire. The fire alarm went off and snapped me back into, I opened the door a second time to see if it magically put itself out only to find it had gotten bigger and my house was filling with thick black smoke. So I grabbed the oven mitt in one hand, turned the water on full blast and armed myself with the sprayer, I threw open the oven door and just started spraying!
I went from cooking dinner, to full panic mode, almost tears, to putting out a fire and when all was said and done I did what I always do when I realize no harm was actually done and I dodged a bullet- I burst into a fit of giggles. Ugh. I wish I knew why I did that so I could stop it from happening.
As for the oven it was just fine and cooked my dinner perfectly later. The house, smelt terrible, still does. (I had to tell Jeff the whole story on our way home from the train station so he would know why the house was engulfed in a black smoke cloud.)
And let's just say I've learned my lesson about broiling things that probably shouldn't be broiled.


1, 2...10

The last TEN months have flown by so fast!

So glad to have spent them with this handsome guy by my side.



Haven't posted in a while, Jeff and I have been extra busy lately working and writing research papers (him not me, thankfully). Not much to report as of late. Went to an awesome "Pinkalicious" birthday party last night, ate some good food, played with a chubby bebe and laughed my butt off while this took place..

The Birthday girl loving the Barbie we got her.

Chloe babes

Our cute friends the Christensens (minus chloe)

Not looking forward to working all evenings this week and then dropping my hubs off on Friday (early. early.) morning to go home to Utah. LAME!!!!!!!! Ah well. That's the life of a full time Suga Mamma!