Mustache Mafia

We were super excited to be running our first Ragnar this year with our cousins and friends in the gorgeous Vegas fall weather. The weather surprised us and took a turn for the cold, wet and windy the weekend Ragnar took place. Despite the weather we had a blast with our van mates and ran some of our fastest miles and recorded some new personal records. 

Van 1
L to R: Jeff, Cass, Danny, Carissa, Brandon and Eric

 It was just a little bit cold at the starting line. It may or may not have been snowing.

 Getting ready for my leg at the 3rd exchange

jeff's first hand-off

 The spirit committee, aka. Carissa. She had enough spirit for all of us!

 The Van

after the rain only half of the Hall of Fame was still intact

 almost done!

finish line at Lake Las Vegas

Poor Scout spent his first night at puppy boarding school while we were 'gone' and was more than excited when we went to pick him up Saturday afternoon.

More pics to come

Nanny Diaries

As most people know by now, Jeff and I got new jobs around the same time. We are both working with kids, ironic? Maybe we should just have our own... That's a joke!

Anyway, I took a job as a full-time nanny for two little boys. Nicholas is 6 and Jack is 4, their mom is a doctor and so I am pretty much the stay at home soccer mom type right now and I absolutely love it. Of course it comes with it's challenges and I get fired on a daily basis by Jack when he doesn't get his way but it's very rewarding and fun and the schedule/pay couldn't have been a better fit for me right now. After leaving Utah and a job and coworkers/friends that I absolutely loved and then hating my job to the point where I may or may not have cried on a daily basis for the next 2 years, I feel so grateful to have found this job!

These are my adorable boys!

 Jack is a little lover and always thinking of others. Whenever we go to the store and he gets to pick something to buy he always picks something for Nicholas, who goes to school all day. He also tells me multiple times a day that he loves me and never lets me leave their house before giving me a kiss and a hug. He can't stand to love when we play games and will quit playing if he is losing but if he wins then he tells me that we are on the same team so that I won too. he's darling!

Nicholas is handsome and so funny. He loves to quiz me on his school stuff to see if I am as smart as him. He loves to play jokes and is rough and tumble, him and Jack love to wrestle but it often turns from fun to downright dangerous. He is quite the daredevil and loves to try new and crazy things. He hates doing homework but is very smart!


October was a great month at the Seare household. We had visitors, our first ever trick-or-treaters and made a visit of our own to Utah. 

Chris and Tess came down and their stay consisted of what we love to do best, Catan. We probably stayed up until 2 am playing. I almost won, almost! Chris also brought with him some gorgeous Tiger Wood and installed it in our den. He's the Bomb! Thanks Chris!

 We had a Halloween Party of sorts where we took part in a serious pumpkin carving contest, made some delicious carmel apples and played games.

 Jeff and I stole away to Utah for the weekend the end of October for Grandma Sorenson's 90th birthday. She is an incredible woman and unconditional loving grandmother and I feel so grateful to be apart of the Sorenson/Seare family.

Jeff and I camped at home on Halloween in hopes of having trick-or-treaters at our home. This adorable little lady took the prize for our very first and most cute trick-or-treater at the Seare house. Thanks for coming Macey!