surprise, Surprise!

Jeff and I love surprises. We love being the recipient of a surprise and even more I think we both love to plan and deliver a surprise. Well this week we both got a little surprise. I finally, after talking and deliberating about it for well over a year now, went and got my hair done. Jeff came home after work and... Surprise! haha Jeff loved, No, loves it. Yay! I came home from work one night later after Jeff was already in bed and found a cute little note and a new North Face sweater.. Surprise! I love it. Here's a picture or four of me showing off my new do and sweater.

**Updating from the Atlanta airport on my way to Florida to see my sisters, their kiddies and my mom! May or may not have cried leaving my hubby. I'll never tell. Updates to come from the sunshine state itself.


R & R

This weekend was definitely a lazy one for Jeff and I, but it was just what the doctor, Err.. PA ordered! We spent Friday, Saturday and Sunday hanging out with one another, making dinner together, lounging by the pool (the same pool that is being drained this very instant.. farewell summer.) hearing the good word at our stake conference, studying, visiting with friends and taking naps. It was glorious.


Wild Goose Chase

Since I had to work the weekend (sat/sun) I wanted to do something extra fun with my man before-hand. I came up with a lovely idea and was quite pleased with how well it all fell into place. I had a lot of fun planning it out all week and just hoping it would all work like I had hoped. I made the menu, packed up all the stuff, made the clues and set them out in their places and then when Jeff was on his way home from work I quickly cooked the chicken for our sandwiches and put them together, packed up the rest of the food and hauled it all out to the car where I waited in secret for him to get home. I didn't want him to see the 4-runner gone and be suspicious so I hid out and as soon as he walked out of my sight and I knew he could no longer see me I cruised on out and went to the place that would be his final destination of the "scavenger hunt" I sent him on to find me.
I was so nervous waiting in the car and found myself giggling madly and getting quite jittery when he finally pulled up to our apartment place. I laughed all the way to the sleeping giant park as I thought of the confusion and excitement that must be ensuing in our place as he opened the door and found his first clue that read:

"Welcome home, come inside
this is a date of it's own kind.
But first it's me you must find.
Go to the place we sleep,
for inside your next clue it keeps!"

I had his clothes layed out on our bed and his next clue in the pocket of his sweater

"You did good! Now put these clothes on if you would.
Please do it with haste,
For it's time we don't want to waste.
Your next clue is waiting in a room that is HOT!
the smell you love but in the house it's not!!"

(Attached to the clue was a small envelope I folded that held the key to our laundry room)

The clue in the laundry room was decorated with a small clothesline with some socks, panties, and a t-shirt, did I mention I had fun putting all this together? hehe it said

"You found me you say?
Good work, but the game you must still play...
Go to the nearest store and use your blue card for some bubbly to pay. (I was nervous he was going to catch me setting up and thought it would be fun to involve a task for him to do to earn his reward lol)
When the job is done, text to me "FUN"
I will have your next clue, so hurry run!"

When he text me, I was so anxious for him to just get there and was worried about the food being cold but I could tell he was enjoying this and he was even sending me some rhymes back. I text him with his last clue, which unfortunately I accidentally erased! It was something along the lines of this..

"You've done fine but it's finally time.
By now I hope it's anticipation we both share, it's only fair.
You've done fine but now it's time.
Go to the Giant and don't be late for there it is that I wait."

Something like that. Anyway, when he showed up it was so much fun for the both of us. Me impressed and happy that everything went off without a hitch and Jeff that I went to all the trouble to do that for him/us. We enjoyed a lovely and delicious dinner of Chicken pesto melt sandwiches, broccoli salad, sliced apples with mocha fruit dip and in the wine glasses I bought at the dollar store for fun we had our favorite (next to red bull and cherry pepsi that is) diet Mt. Dew that Jeff bought on his way haha we sat and talked for a long time and enjoyed the beautiful weather and surroundings. For dessert I made one of those cakes you mix and cook in the microwave for 4 mins and it was pretty tasty. If you haven't done something like this with your sweetie or for your sweetie I would definitely recommend it!

the setup. I had originally planned to pack it all down to this small beach area of the park but due to time and weather issues I made things a little more cozy and used the back of the 4-runner.

me anxiously awaiting prince charming's arrival

i couldn't take a decent picture to save my life


Blogger is being difficult and won't allow me to upload photos. I refuse to blog without photos. So there will be no updates until blogger uploads my photos. I may get desperate and just blog without the pics tomorrow. But not today.


124 days

Happy Four months to me and this handsome fella.

Love you Jeff!



Monday morning Bagel and Coffee Morning?
Tuesday night Pizza night?

@ the gym????

Come again Planet Fitness?!

I mean, I know you mean it when you say "No judgement zone!" but as if it didn't take enough to get me here, don't tempt me too.

Please and thank you.

Soon to be ex-chubby kid, Cassie


Remember this cute little face?

Jeff and I got to watch Halley and Gavin while mom and dad went to St. Raph's Hospital for a conference? with their midwives (I say conference because all the expectant parents were invited). Anywhoskies.. we had fun. Let me tell you. First, I was a little overly excited and bought a giant! coloring book and the kids and Jeff started a picture of an octopus while I finished dinner. I was worried the kiddies wouldn't eat dinner so I made some quick and cute I might add olive and cheese square toothpicks and they gobbled them right up! Turns out, even though Gavin "Only likes hard tacos!" so he told me, he loved my navajo tacos and ate the whole thing. He kept saying, "Mmmmm... this is good!" I was eatin' that right up let me tell you! Halley also ate hers despite the 4 caramels Jeff and I let her have before dinner. (I know, I know!) After dinner we decided to do a little more coloring and then Gavin suggested we watch a movie. Then Jeff had an even better idea....

we watched hercules from the comfort of our own private fort, it was awesome!

So sad I missed her lying next to him.. melts my heart


Hurricanes, Ferries, Friends, BBQin' and shopping. Our weekend in a nutshell!

We had so much fun last weekend! With me having to work every other weekend we really try to take advantage of our weekends off and last weekend was no exception. Saturday afternoon after deciding that hurricane Earl really wasn't a threat (the weather was perfect! and besides the 2.3 seconds when i thought the ferry might actually capsize, it was a lovely ride) we met our friends Mike and Melissa and their two tinies at the dock in Danbury where we proceeded to get on a ferry and take a ride/tour of the Thimble Islands. So cool! These Islands are very small most of them and are mainly granite rock, they are all privately owned and let me tell you these people have got the right idea! The houses were amazing and the location.. perfect! I don't think I would mind a house surrounded on all sides by water with no electronics (some of the houses got electricity for the first time last year) for a week.. or two.. heck I might never get off the island ;) Heres some pics cause I can't do it justice.

this house was incredible!

my new BF Hallie. Isn't she the cutest??? she sure makes it easier to be away from all our missed tinies back home!

must be tough! I wonder if my tennis skills would be any better if I played on a private island? haha

they told us this house has withstood winds of up to 120 mph. Umm... no thanks. I'll take the big house!

this looks like the party house/island to me

After sitting by the water for a bit we hit the road and headed a few more exits north to the outlet mall. Neither of us were really in the shopping mood but it was fun and mostly outside so we enjoyed the nice day and even better company of each other. Jeff did score a really good looking pair or courduroy pants from the gap for $10 holla!

We were planning to head to Sleeping Giant park for a little BBQ with ourselves but due to bad preparation, not having a grill, late timing, etc etc. We ended up at Wal mart with a $6 one time use (we think) or so it became charcoal grill. We took it home and set it all up, I was chopping vegetables and putting them on skewers when Jeff asked me to come out and watch him light it. I immediately turned around and walked right back in the door when the 3 foot flames got much too close for my comfort to our wooden stairs/banister! It was a real bust though cause the grill pretty much sucked so we settled for our george foreman to cook our skewers which were no longer skewers but just small random pieces of meat and veggies and then once again headed outside where the coals were just hot enough to cook us some smores! Yum!

sorry for the awful pics. I'm really only good for "point and shoot"

we were a little more than embarrassed at the sad sight we were. $6 grill=FAIL

I did the mallow roasting because it literally took so long Jeff's knees couldn't handle it

worth every minute!


Jeffrey David Seare PAC in training

(This post is for everyone who is interested in a readers digest version of Jeff's clinical experience thus far.. it is all told from my perspective and opinion and is for journaling purposes. Jeff can if he chooses blog his own thoughts on the matter later.)
I realized that I post a lot about the fun things we are doing and the experiences we are having out here in the East but have I already forgotten the whole reason we are here? No. Of course not, I wanted to give a little update on Jeff and his schooling.
First of all let me just say that I am so proud of my husband and for the drive he has, he amazes me everyday and I love watching him be. I love watching him study and learn, I love when dinner conversation turns into a full blown lecture (most of the time ;)) I love seeing the joy he has when he has mastered something new or is given an opportunity to show what he can do. I love the hard work he puts in day in and out and although I know the long hours of work on top of the long hours of study are hard on him he always has time for play and to be with me.
Jeff started his clinical year at St. Raphael's hospital in the Emergency Department. Yes, this is the same ED we spent half the night in back in March when I took Jeff in with appyndecitous? He really got to know the staff and did a lot of suturing which was the highlight I'm sure. He saw some really sad and crazy things, informed too many girls my age and younger that they were pregnant and of course dealt with plenty of the not so emergent things that somehow people find they must go to the ED for.. .
His second rotation was general surgery up at the Central Hospital of CT in New Britain. It was kind of a jog so in order for him to be there @ 6 and ready to round he got up every morning at 0430 and was out the door by 0500. (We did a lot of napping during those six weeks ha) He really enjoyed the surgeries and from what I heard and was diagrammed for me during dinner, general surgery is generally pretty gnarly and disgusting. Two words. Necrotizing Fasciaitous? Look it up. He also got to do a lot of suturing during this rotation and I loved when he would practice his knot tying at home in the evenings. So cute.
Jeff is currently in his third rotation, primary care in a small clinic located on the coast guard base near New London, CT. This is his second week and besides the two-hour round trip commute he has to endure on the 95 everyday I think he is enjoying it. He works with a doctor and 2 or 3 PAs and the nurses or medical assistants are trained coast guard cadets. I have been especially curious about the base and the training and all that that goes on and quizzed him everyday what he saw today, what was going on on base, etc. etc. I think he knew what I was picturing and finally after answering a few of my questions he looked at me and said, "It's not like the Guardian! There is no ashton kutcher jumping out of helicopters or anything like that. It's a university." I laughed right out loud. And that was pretty much the end of all my curious questions. haha
So far Jeff is really enjoying his clinical experience this year. With each new rotation comes a new schedule and every first day feels like the first day of a new job, new co-workers, new surroundings, new computer system to learn! but Jeff is doing it all with ease and I am so impressed with how naturally he makes each transition not only for himself but for me as well. Every six weeks brings new challenges and studies for Jeff but he is staying on top of all of it and manages his time very well between study, work, church callings and play and I might as well be graduating too next August for how much I am learning just from him. We are loving visiting his different rotation sites as well as other attractions here in CT. We also love to venture even further when time permits to NY and Boston for the weekend to play and site see. Our life right now is one big adventure and we are loving every minute of it. I can't say that it has been easy for either of us to be away from our families but we are very thankful and aware of all our blessings as we have become our own little family. We have so much to give and learn from one another as well as from life experience and I wouldn't have anyone else by my side to experience it all with. I am so proud of my hubby and can't wait for each adventure/opportunity that comes our way in the future!

here's my own McSteamy Dreamy.

Doesn't he look sexy in glasses??


"I be up in the gym just a workin' on my fitness"

Holla for really cheap annual gym passes! :)