A Poem.

Roses are Red

Violets are blue

Pictures are cool

when they are painted for you!

Love that man of mine.



Here's a shout out to me and mine. 9 months!
Love you sug!

My Funny Valentine

We made Valentines our own this year. No flowers, no silly gifts or chocolates. We got dressed up, we went to a ma and pa breakfast diner had delicious plates of french toast, french toast sandwiches, eggs, and toast. Our waitress even told me she had noticed my ring and liked it better than her own. Saweet right?
We went home and Jeffrey studied for his new rotation while I baked some yummy individual molten lava cakes. We decided to split one and took one downstairs for our friend/neighbor Donna who was home. Later my romantic guy turned on some Frank Sinatra and we danced "Cheek to Cheek" right there in our front room.



Most of you who read this blog probably already know that since we have been back home from Utah (4 1/2 weeks) that Jeff has been living in Norwalk for his pediatric rotation during the week and coming home on the weekends. Bleh. I miss him when he doesn't come home. Well, I decided to quit talking about going down there for a visit and actually went down after work on monday afternoon to spend the night with him. When it took me 25 minutes to drive 2 blocks to get from the hospital parking lot to the entrance of the freeway I got a little worried that with all the ailments (ie. weather, traffic, etc.) that I would not make it down there but lucky for me it was a straight shot after I got onto the 95. The drive was really pretty and I pulled into his apartment across from the hospital just before it got dark and got to have a little look around.
We went on a special field trip to Stew Leonard's. It is an awesome homegrown, fresh, huge dairy grocery store. I don't know how else to describe it but that it's pretty sweet for a grocery store and was even featured on the tv show Ripley's Believe It or Not. It comes complete with what I would call a cross of Disneyland's Splash Mountain and Chuckee Cheese characters who sing and dance about fresh milk/produce. LOL Anyway it was so cool, their food all completely fresh and most home produced and very reasonably priced and I can't help but wish that there was one a lot closer to us, I would be there everyday. Ha

We picked up a red box and went back to his ghetto little apartment that he is living in. I had to take pictures because it was too good not to. The place is straight from the 70's, I was loving it.

We had dinner and watched half the movie before falling asleep. Luckily, Jeff didn't have to work early and we got to have breakfast together before I dropped him across the street at the hospital and headed home for work. It was a fun little sleepover and nice to be with my man even if it was only for a night.
I think I'll go for another visit soon :)

Dip it, Drip it, lick it


We finally broke out our fondue set from the wedding. It's been burning a hole in my cupboard for months now. It was a pretty big ordeal but definitely worth everything we put into it! We invited some of our friends from Jeff's class over and we had a pretty good time eating, talking and playing a mean game of catch phrase.

We did both cheese and chocolate fondue and had lots of yummy things to dip. We took our leftover chocolate and dippers to our friends for dessert on sunday after dinner and then somehow in the mix of talking, cooking, eating, dipping, playing games with the kiddies and all that jazz Jeff got an impromptu haircut. haha Thanks Melissa!

Somehow I didn't manage to get an "after" picture but he's definitely 'bringing sexy back'

Just had to get a photo of this. So funny and cute. The window to their playroom. We laughed that it looks like a window from a horror film. hehe silly kiddies!