Sleeping Giant

Jeff and I took a little break from packing/studying to go for a little hike the other morning. We hiked up the "chin" of the sleeping giant state park. It was a warm, overcast, very humid/hazy day and it made for a great hiking morning and a beautiful sight when we got to the top. We overlooked the city of Hamden and more specifically the Hamden campus of Quinnipiac University, which is directly across the street from the SG park. We even spotted and watched a hawk? It was awesome.

Jeff making peace with QU after 27 months of hard work. Finally on top.

I think I got a little too close for comfort. After this I was the scared one!



After many months, prayers, job interviews, travels, sleepless nights, family and friend opinions, etc. Jeff has taken an orthopedic job and we are moving to Vegas! WOOOOHOOOOOOOO! I am only a little excited and mostly just happy for my stud of a husband to have found a great job with a great doctor and future outlook. I am so incredibly proud of him!
We are packing away, I have 2 weeks left at work and we are leaving our CT home of the last 2.5 years for Sin City on October 14. We look forward to many visitors and good things to come. Vegas here we come!


Bradenton, Florida

The last leg of our trip was out to Bradenton, Florida where Jeff had his 6th and final interview. Phew. It was some much needed relaxing time alone after 15 days of non-stop travel, people, interviews, living out of a suitcase, etc. I was not that impressed with Bradenton, it was a little bit ghetto. We went to the grocery store and it was like walking through a circus tent of performers. Sad, rude and also true. Sarasota on the other hand was gorgeous and we spent the day at the #1 beach in America. The sand was amazing. It felt like powdered sugar!

our sweet rental car

St. Armands Circle, shopping and restaurants developed by the Ringling Brothers. Yes, those Ringling Brothers.

this was all broken sea shells there were millions


Jackson Hole

Timing was on our side on this trip, not only did it work out for all our Jeff's interviews but we were in town for the LOTOJA and drove up to Jackson with Jon and Erin to see Chris ride. We stayed in a plush KOA Kabin thanks to Tess and her connections and played around Jackson all weekend. Sunday morning before we left we got our Jackson on and took some old time photos.

I love old fashioned candy shops!
neopolitan coconut bar. Yum.

he is special
Chris's team finishing

Chris looked great for just having rode 206 miles. We were excited we got to be there to see him finish. We're proud of you bro!


Salt Lake City

While in Salt Lake we stayed at my parents house and drove all around the valley to meet up with several different friends. On Wednesday afternoon we sent Jeff out golfing with my dad while we set up for the SURPRISE graduation party my mom and sister planned. We scrambled about and got everything done right before they got home. We had yummy homemade cafe rio burritos and rice for dinner, bandaid cookies, hand and foot bone cupcakes and better than sex cake for dessert. We loved being in Utah and getting to see and hang out with everyone again.

Last Seare dinner together before we left for Florida

That chloe girl knows what she wants
Frozen Yogurt with the Larsen sistas of mine, so overdue!
Last night with the kiddies and my friend Whit came to say hi/bye!

love that tongue!
Jeff's surprise Grad Party

Play date @ Ab's house with the kiddies

warner and lauren took turns running down the cushions and jumping on me

lollie's bear she packed around, it was bigger than her