My lips are sealed, for the most part

Jeff and I have decided that we are not going to dwell on how much we miss each other anymore. It is certainly not making things any easier on either of us when we say it. We know we miss one another but we are not speaking the words "Miss you" or any other version of that for the next little while. We have switched to "Can't wait to see you" for now. Which I can handle for the simple fact that I will be seeing him this very time next week.. sigh.

Anyway, it's been 2 days. All I can think about is how much I miss him and the fact that I can not say it to him makes me want to roll down the windows of my "tiny car" as War likes to call it and yell like a mad woman "Miss you!" over and over until word gets out and I'm the next feature of crazy on the evening news. It could happen. (Is this the birth control talking? Am I nuts already? It's only been two days and two pills...) It's official. I'm loony. But I'm ok with that. For now. Because in 6 short days I won't be missing him. I will be soaking it all up, my time spent with him and taking none of it for granted. But for now, he never said we couldn't say it, we just decided not to say it to each other........................................................ :) So for everyone out there that cares enough to be reading this ( or who may just be that bored, I'm sorry you have chosen our blog!)


Ah, I already feel better.

Jeffrey, if you are reading this.. "Can't wait to see you!" ;)

So many blessings...

My sister Abbie finally had her baby girl this morning!

February 24th 8:25 am
8 lbs 2 oz
19.5 inches long

Baby Sister (still waiting on a name)

She is the most beautiful thing I have ever laid my eyes on, I already love her so much. Congratulations Abbie and Brandon!


A month of Christmas

Jeffrey came home for Christmas on December 20 and I couldn't have been more relieved that he was finally here! We got to spend an amazing, fun month together with each other and our families. We celebrated christmas, new years, birthdays and our engagement.

The first week of January Jeff and I took a trip down to St. George for our engagement photos. We had a really fun trip and even spent a day down in Vegas and did a little shopping and had dinner with his cousin. Unfortunately I'm not so hot about remembering to get my camera out and take pics but I did get this little beauty as we were entering sin city...

Love him! Look at those baby blues...

Jeff's friend Kasia took our engagement photos and we had a really fun time with her. She is a doll and took some awesome pictures. Thank you Kasia! We were both very happy with how they turned out and all in all it was both a fun and successful weekend! Here's a few candid shots...

Don't you just love the photo booth?! So darling!

His and Her red bulls. He's got me almost as hooked as he is.. almost.


Hawaii or bust.. or so I thought

This is the story of our engagement :)

A few months ago, I was sitting at work thinking how I would never make it until December when I would see Jeff next with nothing to look forward to in between when I got a phone call from my friend telling me she was taking me on a surprise girl's trip over Thanksgiving and I would need to take Monday-Friday off. Uh Hello! It's no Jeffrey but it will sure help to break up the wait, needless to say I had my whole week of shifts covered in under a half hour. I was giddy with excitement and was quickly relaying the whole thing over the phone to my guy who was more than excited for me.. He would be..

Now we all know how much I love surprises, Jeff does and he loves to give me little tid-bits of information that cause me to stay up at night thinking about them! So Erika gave me enough information about our trip to confuse the daylights out of a girl and keep my mind occupied for weeks. About 3 days before our girl's trip she told me we would be going somewhere warm and all I would need to pack was a light carry on with swimming suits. (Oh sure, no problem) I was going Mad not knowing where we could be heading and everyone was asking millions of questions I did not have the answers to. I was excited but was also very nervous and anxious to find out where our destination was. I was also busy thinking about where Jeff would be spending Thanksgiving and what it would be like. How badly I was wishing we could spend it together. Next year I told myself.

The day finally came and I was packing my bag just like erika told me. Bathing suits, some tank tops, flip flops, suntan lotion, the very basic needs. My family was all a buzz also anticipating the announcement of a destination. On our way to the airport Erika and Lisa finally told me where we were going for the week. Hawaii! Sweeet. I was stoked but had doubts of course about how my friend was affording this and where this little trip came from but as we were on our way to the airport and my bag was packed so I decided we must be going to Hawaii. Holla! I text everyone and started to get very excited.

We pulled up to the airport and parked. Lisa said she had to come in with us because our tickets were booked on her credit card, I thought that was strange but whatever I was going to Hawaii so whatever she had to do was fine by me. As we were walking into the airport Jeff called me and we started talking about Hawaii. He couldn't believe that's where we were going and just before we made it to security he told me he had something very important to ask me before I left, something very important about us that he had to ask right now.. I of course immediately was concerned but had no idea what he was going to ask. (Side note: While on the phone with jeff I just kept walking, straight for security. Walking walking, right past him!) All of a sudden there was a beautiful bouquet of 12 dozen long stem roses in front of my face and it was as if the lightbulb in my head turned on and then off in one quick moment. Everything made sense and yet I was so confused! Shock, I was in shock. I slowly turn around and saw that my Jeffrey is standing in all his handsome glory right in front of me handing me this bouquet of roses. Someone pinch me!!! I thought. He gave me a huge hug and as he started to get down on one knee I realized that this was really truly happening. I was trembling from head to toe and was completely speechless, lucky for both of us I somehow managed to say Yes! Then I kissed my guy! Oh did I kiss him :)

When I walked into that airport I was headed for Hawaii and when I walked out I had forgotten the whole reason I was there in the first place. I was both awed and shocked. I couldn't believe that Jeff had planned and kept such an elaborate engagement secret for months! I couldn't believe how many people knew and were in on it. It was the perfect engagement and I couldn't have dreamed it any better. I love my guy so much and most of all I couldn't believe that he was not only home but had come home to ask me to marry him. November 23, 2009 was an unforgettable day! Thank you, I love you Jeff!

PS. I didn't even have to wait until next year to spend Thanksgiving with my man and I have never been so thankful :)


I'm a hypocrite, so judge me

I am laughing inside as I create this blog. Laughing at myself of course! My sister's and friend Mar have been trying for months (since our engagement in November) to get me to start a blog. Start a blog before we are married? That is so lame. Ha! And yet here I sit excitedly typing as fast as my little fingers can type. I guess you could call it a change of heart. Am I writing my first blog post? Yes and how strange it is. Are we married yet? Ask me again in oh say.. 87 days :) Am I excited as a school girl at her first boy band concert? Yes, minus the tears.

I am excited to share our story and more importantly our future adventures, we have many to look forward to, especially our upcoming wedding and all the fun stuff that comes with it. Showers, trips, apartment hunting, the big move, etc. Hopefully everyone will feel like they are more involved with all our plans, I realize I am the worst at keeping everyone updated. Enter our blog... updates at my fingertips? Well hello there!

One small disclaimer about our blog, what I mean to say is.. when I say "our" I mean my thoughts and opinions under Jeffrey's name. (Bless my sweet love's heart, I hope he will still marry me after reading this blog. Just kidding, if he has put up with my shenanigans thus far, I'd say he really does love me!) So this blog is "ours", about "us" and "our" old and new adventures together, narrated by yours truly. Me, Myself and I and Jeffrey?... Nope just me :)