So it is written, so it is Done.

This little diddy was emailed to Jeff by one of his professors. It was printed in the North Haven Register. We don't know who they got the info from or how or even why but we thought it was pretty hilarious. Now it's really official.


Saturday, August 13, 2011. THE Graduation day!

After 27 months of blood, sweat and tears (literally) Jeff took the walk of his life [you don't walk down the aisle in the temple ;) hehe] and received his diploma and white coat. Dave and Becky came out to be with us for the special occasion and Beck and I cried together during the ceremony, so proud of Jeff and so happy to be done! The ceremony was very intimate, just Jeff's class of 52 students, the faculty and family and friends of the graduates. The speakers were actually interesting and entertaining and they had a nice lunch/mingle afterwards for everyone. Jeff was as you would expect emotional himself and you could just see the sparkle in his eyes as a huge weight had just been lifted off his shoulders.

Professor Cindy Lord, Director of the QU PA Program
Professor Kohlhepp, Jeff's clinical Advisor

here's the play by play...

he's a STUD.

Receiving his pin and recognition for being the program's student representative for the CONPAF
(Connecticut's Physician Assistants' Foundation)
Insert here: Video of the graduates taking the Hippocratic Oath. To be uploaded when I'm not competing with half of this hotel's patrons for internet!

K-tag, Ben and Kerri
Ben, Jesse, Taki and Jeff


Jeff's candy bouquet, I thought he would appreciate more than real flowers
After dinner @ Mickey's
After the graduation we went out for a celebration dinner and treated ourselves in Jeff's honor to a Wentworth's homemade ice cream for dessert.

I am so proud of you babe! Thank you for working so hard, I am so excited to see you become a PA-C and better the lives of your patients for many years to come.

XoXo, Jo


QU PA Graduation Banquet

Apparently I missed some hot dance moves on the floor while picking up Dave and Becky who came out for Jeff's graduation, cause when I got back the coat and vest were MIA. The banquet was held just across the street from where it all began for the class of 2011 in the "Sherm Shack", it made a very fitting location and such a fun night.


Wish I had more photos but these few pretty much sum up the night.


This week (or 3) in pictures

What has to be the creepiest sim model I have ever seen
New color. Again.
handsome. Studly. Mine. need I say more?

new birthday dress. may or may not be from the little girls section. I'll never tell ;)
Our awesome new painting. Courtesy of our friends the Walkers who now reside among the cheeseheads in Green Bay
Tostadas on homemade whole wheat tortillas
Meatloaf stuffed green peppas!
Creepin' a picture of my co-worker Yvonne for Jeff. Is that illegal???