Year One

Jeff being the great husband he is made our first anniversary unforgettable, even though we were apart on the actual day :( I was asked out to dinner by one of my good friends and when she was supposed to pick my up instead her cute little family stopped by and delivered a personal pizza and wrapped present. I immediately knew to get on ichat where of course, Jeff was waiting patiently. We had dinner together (Jeff had the same kind of personal pizza) and then we opened presents! Jeff got me an awesome pair of the new nike free run shoes that I have been secretly eyeing for some time now. I was stoked! (He had already previously given me a gift card to a salon which I used to get a mani/pedi before Florida) I revealed to him that I had booked us a couples massage in Key West, something Jeff has been wanting to do together since our honeymoon. We were both very happy and excited. Modern technology sure makes things easy.. He told me he had one more surprise and told me to go look in the kitchen, after some searching and his directions of "Hot" and "Cold" I found a wrapped piece of our wedding cake he had my mom bring with her the previous week and hide in our freezer. We ended our anniversary date with a taste of our banana and chocolate wedding cake that was surprisingly not too terrible.
I sure love that husband of mine and know just how lucky I am to have him. He fills in all my cracks and is strong where I am weak. He never fails to remember our special days and make them memorable. He always supports me and is the first to praise something I've done. He loves to surprise me and take care of me/our home, cars, etc. He is kind and respectful and a total goofball and I couldn't love him more. I am so thankful to have spent the last year with him and look forward to every year and adventure to come.

ichat dates are awesome.
We are happy, we are in love.

All my spoils and my love!


Our first anniversary

Happy Anniversary Jeffrey. I love you.

How we got to be together and why I am the luckiest wife ever. More on that later...

coming soon: why I never blogged about our big day (2 days)

Stay tuned for plenty more gag-reflux inducing posts about LOVE


Visit from my mama

At exactly the halfway mark of the longest month of my life (Jeff being in Utah) my mom came out to spend the week with me. It was the best kind of "hump day" treat. We drove all around town, or towns, as in Hamden, North Haven and New Haven. My favorite was trying to explain the roads and listen to her to try keep track of where we were and how we got there. We shopped, visited, went to the orchards, had movie nights, spent a glorious day at the park reading and having a picnic and spent all day Sunday teaching(mom) and learning(cass) how to use my new pressure cooker, a gift from my mother. It was a perfect and much needed week and I was so happy to see her and be able to show her our life out here in New England.

The week in pictures, in no particular order...
Never been worn Aldo shoes I bought at the good will for $7 Steal!
Mom's cute new shirt!
East Rock Park
Mom eating her first meatball sub and Canoli
10 bottles of pork all done
10 bottles of chicken "going in"
My sweet new toy
Thanks for coming mom! It was a great week, love you!

*only 6 more days until Florida and 7 til I get my man back!