Is it possible to love and hate?

I am having a love/hate relationship with CT right now.

LOVE: this beautiful spring weather! It is currently 67 degrees :) (Talked to Jeff yesterday, he said it was snowing in UT)
HATE: Paying $4.17 for gas. UGH!!!!!!!! Not driving unless it's absolutely necessary.

LOVE: having the house to myself and doing nothing.
HATE: having the house to myself and doing nothing!!!!

LOVE: trying new recipes and eating beans and egg salad and everything else Jeff won't eat.
HATE: Jeff not being here to pick the beans out of his soup

LOVE: counting down the days until Florida, Emily and MItchell's wedding, seeing my fam and my HOT husband and most importantly celebrating our One Year Anniversary!


Just a few things

I just have a few things to say. Listen at your own discretion.

First of all, let me just say that this is going to be a long month of sleepless nights.

Let me explain.

All through high school and part way through college while I was living at home I shared a very generously sized california king sized bed with well, me, myself and I. It was great, I slept with all four limbs stretched out in various directions and still didn't come close to touching any edge of the bed. Because of this my room, my bed more specifically became the go to for sleepovers and we easily fit 5 girls including myself in there. For this reason I was also a little concerned with sleeping with someone and not disturbing them with gut kicks and face punches all night. But since being married I am somewhat of a mild sleeper and prefer to be cuddled up during all hours of the night. I have to be physically touching jeff in order to fall asleep. I also can't fall asleep until he has fallen asleep, which has it's own background story.
Jeff has this adorable and endearing involuntary twitching response when he falls asleep. The boy is lights out up there the second his head hits the pillow and usually falls asleep within literal seconds to minutes. This I know because it starts. Just a small twitch here and a small on there. Then as the minutes pass the twitching turns into jerking and then eventually kicking and one night I swear he did the wave with his arms before rolling over and really sawing logs. In the beginning I would laugh and quietly fall asleep only to be awoken by his most violent of twitches. It only took me a couple of times to train myself and now I can't fall asleep until his whole "episode" is through and I am certain he is still for the night. I love it. I laugh every night and then after and only after can I fall asleep.
Having worked saturday night and only sleeping 3 hours on sunday I was hoping to go to bed last night and get a solid 8 maybe 9+ hours before work today but even after I said goodnight and laid down I was wide awake for another hour and a half. I was tossing and turning and uncomfortable in every position. Hot and cold, you name it. It was only after I had talked to Jeff again with the promise that he would call again that I finally fell asleep. Ugh. I can't sleep without him.
Jeff on the other hand does not sleep well, well ever with me in the bed. He will probably be getting the best months sleep he's had since before we got married.

I do not understand the fascination with the royal wedding. I'm sorry but I don't and I don't care to know every tiny detail of what could or could not be a part of the whole shebang. And I definitely don't have any need to watch a lifetime movie about their whole relationship leading up to this wedding. They may be a future king and queen but they aren't mine.
I must say however that that Kate Middleton has some style. I wish Americans rocked hats like these.

Lovin it.

Today at work after going down to the gift shop to buy a paper for my PT I randomly bought an atomic fireball. What? Talk about going back to my elementary days. That first lick brought me back real fast and reminded me why I never have liked fireballs. I'm kind of a sissy when it comes to hot stuff and candy should not be hot. That's all I have to say about that.

I love kids and I love friends with kids. I love them a lot and don't know what I would do without them this year but I need some friends without kids. Know anyone? Preferrably someone not 3,000 miles away. Thanks.

I'm a nervous nelly, when I am alone that is. A few months ago we heard on a sunday night what we thought were gun shots right outside our apartment. (You never know out here, it can be pretty sketch) After calling the police, they told us they had gotten quite a few calls about the same thing and would check it out. We never heard anything so assumed it had to be something else and ever since I have been twice as jumpy.
Now that I am alone I walk through my house and turn on every last light as I go and when going to bed, I hit the light and make a mad leap to my bed. Just in case. It's totally normal.

Technology is awesome. Jeff and I skyped saturday while he was on his flight home. It was pretty noisy but really cool. It made coming home an exciting instead of dreaded thing knowing I was going to see and talk to him as soon as I got home.

My last thought of the day is how much I love wearing my husbands clothes. he he His sweats, slippers and all the above are just so much more comfortable than mine. Hmm... ;)


Easter Shenanigans

I was upset enough knowing Jeff was leaving me for a month AND we were going to be apart on our One Year Anniversary so when I realized he was also going to be in Utah for Easter, I wasn't having it. I surprised him on Thursday with breakfast and an Easter basket full of goodies and in turn came home to a full fledge Easter egg hunt on Friday. We went out to dinner and dyed Easter eggs as well. Jeff also surprised me at dinner with a very thoughtful and awesome gift, a gift certificate to get my hair done since I have been talking about it for weeks now but am too cheap and frugal these days to actually spend the money on it. It was a perfect celebration! Thanks to my bunny. Love you babe.

Disclaimer: This video is cute but super long, silly and may be inappropriate for anyone who doesn't want to see some colorful brassiers and Gs (in a drawer that is) Don't say I didn't warn you.
So the video is not working. Maybe another time.

My Loot

He loves when I make him do stuff like this ;)

Happy Easter everyone!


One day after the gym we just stopped by target and decided to buy battleship. Of course we only bought the $5 travel version that doesn't make noises but we improvised. I'll just leave it at that.

PS. Jeff totally won I was a poor loser. But I can't help it. Who likes to lose???


Road Trip

I love a good road trip. So does Jeff. hehe

We took full advantage of the last full Saturday we had together before Jeff leaves for Utah to play. We got up before the sun and hit the road. First stop was the Boston Temple. Jeff and I have been wanting to go for a while now but haven't had the time. We finally decided with our upcoming job applications and move and whatever else in the next year that we needed to find the time to attend the temple and ask our Heavenly Father for some guidance. I was really excited but the closer we got to the temple the more anxious I got, only having been through once and almost a whole year ago at that I was a little nervous. As soon as we stepped inside I felt the calm and peace of the spirit inside the temple and had a wonderful experience. I am truly grateful for a sweet and worthy husband who is willing to take me to the temple. The Boston Temple is beautiful and I hope we get to go at least one more time before we move.

Next stop, was Newport, Rhode Island. It is such a charming and ecelectic little city on the coast and home to the "Summer Cottages" of some of America's first billionaires and their families such as the Vanderbilts, Rockefellers, etc. We had been hearing quite a bit about these "cottages" aka. MANSIONS and decided to go see them for ourselves. Let me just say these "cottages" are bigger than well probably 2 or 3 of my parent's home put together and are downright over the top, amazing, gawdy and beautiful. We toured the "Breakers" which was the home of the Vanderbilts who were the owners of the first American railroad system. It was out of control, covered from ceiling to floor in gold but was so awesome. I couldn't explain it if I tried. Here some pics of the so called summer cottages. (No pics allowed inside)




Backyard. I think I could deal with it.



Backyard view

This huge one looked like something out of a movie


On our way home we decided to stop in Mystic, CT which is another little city right on the coast and one we have heard a lot about. We had dinner at Mystic Pizza, famous for the movie that was filmed there starring Julia Roberts as a struggling waitress at the restaraunt. Anyone ever seen it??? On our way there I was looking it up on Yelp and reading the reviews and we laughed when I read one that said "Movie sucks and so does the pizza!" Love it. The pizza was just alright if you are wondering. Jeff hated it.

When we thought we couldn't keep our eyes open one minute longer and we knew we still had a little over and hour til home we hit the road. About 30 minutes into the drive we saw signs for the Moheqin Son Casino and one thing led to another...

We each threw down some mula in the penny slots. I won $1.06 and then lost it all in the next slot machine that was calling my name and was furious. I'm not cut out to gamble I guess but I could definitely have another go at the penny slots someday.

We finally made it home but not after stopping at a McDonalds on the 91 for a soft serve ice cream cone which I owed Jeff after we placed a little wager on who could guess how tall Angel Moroni stands on top of the temples. It's roughly 12' 5.6" in case anyone cares to know.

It was a perfect day trip with my man.