2+8=28. Sort of..

Birthdays are a big deal in my book. I like to make a week (or more) out of them. So on Monday, day before Jeff's birthday I gave him another surprise. He walked out the door to go to school and sitting at the bottom of our stairs was a shiny new (used) grill! Woohoo! He [we] were so excited and we've grilled every night since :)

Tuesday finally rolled around and unfortunately Jeff had school and I had work but we celebrated that night with grilled steak and shrimp, veggie and pineapple kabobs, ice cream and a movie. And of course another gift.. WICKED tickets. Holla! (They were great seats and quite pricey as well so we are going July 1 for both our birthdays) We [I] can't wait!

Mmm.. Chico sticks
Happy Birthday Jeffrey! XoXo


0 to 60...

Never mind the fact that Jeff will be turning 28 tomorrow, we channeled our not so inner children and planned an excellent birthday party for my big kid.
Can you say Go-Karting?

It was pretty sweet, we had a great turn out of friends and classmates. Thanks everyone for coming! I spent 3 hours the night before satisfying my baking obsession. I made 3 dozen cupcakes, 3 different kinds and frostings all from scratch. I was quite pleased with the turn out and even more happy with the rave reviews I got the next day.
Banana, Grasshopper mint and Peanut Butter Cup
Jeff scored some sweet treats of his own, he became the lucky owner of his very own Justin Beiber "barbie" doll and wall poster! Oh boy was he excited. Giggled like a school girl he did. Our party guests were also treated to a little grab bag full of only the best dollar store race cars of their own, bouncy balls, playdough, wheel yo-yos, and plenty of sweets.
Cupcakes and goodie bags

It was a very fun day and the competition was pretty fierce out there on the track. There was some trash talk of course, friendly wagers and of course a fair share of spin outs and close calls. I guess I liked the feel of the wind in my hair a little too much and received a warning that I would get thrown out if I drove recklessly again after smashing into the wall and having to be pulled out. Whooops!

We found ourselves out to dinner with our party goers to Sliders for some famous wings. They treated the birthday boy and his cupcake making lady, thanks for dinner friends! And a Happy Almost Birthday Jeff!


Chop Job

After returning home from Florida it only took me one time of blow drying my hair in the apartment and finishing with still having wet hair and sweat beads on my nose and forehead before I realized something had to go. My hair. Loved it, but I am definitely not missing it!

Kind of crappy pics but its all I have so far.


Florida part 2: Keys Please

KEY WEST! Heeeeyyyooooooooo!
We were stoked to do a little campin', a little beachin', some cruisin' and good eatin' down in Key West. Neither of us had been there before but our weekend there definitely won't be our last. We got down to the keys a bit late after our Everglades detour with my mom, Ant and Angie and Brandon and set up our tent in the dark (it was hilarious I'm sure) and hit the town for a little drive-by. Duval street is the main night-life street in Key West and pretty much a bar crawl but awesome at the same time. Lot's of people, shopping, music, etc.
Day one we got up and got going early, rented bikes and rode around for a bit until our couples massage I booked for us down there for our anniversary. It was my first massage and I loved it. Thinking back, I am glad I booked it for our first day because it wouldn't have been quite as enjoyable with the sunburn I left with! Yikes.
We spent the rest of the weekend, cruising around, shopping, snorkeling and laying on the beach. It was heaven on earth.

Florida Vaca part 1

I know I can speak for the both of us when I say we were really looking forward to Florida for a few reasons, to be reunited after a month spent apart, to see and play with all my family for a few days, to attend an awesome wedding bash and a weekend in the keys to celebrate our one year anniversary. After a rough start (Jeff missing his flight and taking almost another full 24 hours to get there) I will say that it definitely didn't disappoint!
We all arrived to Em and Mitch's house to a yummy pizza dinner after a long day of travel. It took about 10 minutes from the time we got out of the car until the kids were in the pool, some still fully dressed.
The wedding was a party alright. It was fun spending the day getting all dressed up with my mom and sisters and while it reminded me of our wedding day just a year ago I must say I was all too happy to not be the bride this time around. My sister looked absolutely stunning and the wedding itself took place on a patio overlooking the beach, it was an awesome view. After a very late night the night before and a long wedding day we retired to our hotel room only to receive a pleading phone call from my poor mom and after we spent the last portion of the night putting to bed and babysitting the boys in my family who frequented the open bar one (twenty) too many times. Oops. Once again it made me appreciate the word of wisdom and the fact that I live in CT and only had to deal with that once every wedding. hehe Anyway, the wedding was beautiful, we are so happy and excited for Em and Mitch and Anthony of course. Mitchell is a wonderful man and loves my sister and Anthony very much we are very excited to have him in our family for good.