First Christmas!

Jeff and I had a perfect first christmas together full of good food, nice presents, time off and family. Okay, so maybe it was a little short on those last two but it all worked out for the better. I had to work Christmas Eve so Jeff being the sweet husband he is came and spent a few hours with me at the hospital and we had dinner together and treats and later after I got off work I met him at home to see the tree packed with more presents.. for me! What a stinker! And I'm not quite sure how but somehow we ended up staying up until 2 am watching surgery Youtube videos???? I'm not sure I could even explain if I tried. Anyway, after we finally managed to get into bed Jeff kept begging me to just open up presents right then and there and he was so squirmy and excited it took him 20 minutes to fall asleep which if you know anything about jeff falling asleep is an eternity compared to his usual head hits pillow=he's out! I woke up early to sneak out to the family room and fill jeff's stocking up with goodies and arrange his presents on the couch and when I was satisfied with the job and myself for pulling a last treat on him I snuck my way back into bed only to have Jeff who was "sleeping" say, "what are you up to?!" BUSTED! Needless to say there was going to be no more sleeping so at 730am we went out and opened presents! It was very fun and I loved watching Jeff it was seriously like being with a five year old he was so excited I loved it. Of course after presents we went back to bed for a few hours but not before I got a phone call from the hospital telling me I didn't need to come in! Merry Christmas to us! We woke up and had a delicious and high calorie breakfast (save the diets for new years right?) skyped and called our families and then went out to a movie! We were planning on dinner after our movie but since neither of us had ever tried to go out to eat on christmas day before we hadn't realized that NOTHING would be open! So it was our favorite little chinese take-out place to the rescue and the rest is history. It wasn't like some of the Christmases I remember but it's definitely my favorite and most memorable so far!

why do my pictures always get put in the wrong order? hmm...


Time flies when you're having fun

Happy 7 months to me and this stud muffin.

Love you babe!


New York City with Scott and Becca

We went to NY. Scott and Becca came to see us. It was a blast. We saw pretty much all there was to see, ate some good food, got little sleep, walked our shoes off, froze from head to toe, rode the A-train (this time with a much better experience), took in a show at Radio City Music Hall (I've always dreamed of going there), I decided in my next life I MUST be a NY city Rockette!, did a little shopping, took lots of pictures (well Jeff and Becca took lots of pictures, Scott and I stood around and talked about how nice it was that we got all the perks of great pictures of a great trip without the hassle. genius I tell you. We talked, we laughed, we joked, we cried. Okay, I secretly cried every time we went outside. It was FREEZING!!!!! We saw the big tree, and the new years ball, both of which I decided are much bigger on tv, did a little, more like a lot of people watching and had a very fun, adventure filled weekend. We then headed back to CT and spent two more wonderful nights with Scott and Becca, showed them around our new home and we couldn't have had more fun if we tried.

Scott and Becca, thanks so much for taking the time and spending the $$ to come see us! It meant so much to both of us and we were so excited and happy to have you guys out here!