The Seares, it's official!

A week of wedding business.. going through the temple, reception, sealing, cancun for a week, 2 days in SLC and 4 days on the road but we made it and are safe and sound in Connecticut. We are busy busy and moving into our new apartment tonight and tomorrow afternoon but I wanted to check in and let everyone know we are alive and well and after we get settled I will start from the top and post all of our recent adventures as we have started our new life TOGETHER!


The temple

Yesterday I had the opportunity to go to the DRAPER Temple and receive my endowment. I was very excited but also a little nervous. I had lots of support and had nothing to be worried about. I love the temple and am both proud and very honored to be worthy to go there and receive the blessings from attending. I am also very thankful for Jeffrey and that he not only holds but honors his priesthood. I have never lived in a home with the priesthood and I can already feel the sweet spirit that will abide in our home. I am thankful for the rest of my family who was there to show their support for me (and jeff). My mom, Abbie and Jeff's three brothers and sister-in-law Jill also came to be there with us, I was so grateful. Here are some great and very windy pics we took afterwards.

Abbie was also there but we didn't get a photo before she left..


Field Trip to the Farm

I have been trying to spend as much time with the tinies as I can before I move so today I met Abbie, War and sister at Thanksgiving Point at the farm. It was so fun and there was lots of new baby animals. The weather was nice for the most part and we enjoyed running from pen to pen to see all the different animals. Warner is so smart and knows what they all are and what each of them says, however he was more interested in the tractors, anything with "big" wheels and for some reason we can't explain he spent quite a bit of time going up Up UP the ramp and down Down DOWN the ramp. Silly boy!

Cutest little baby goat? lamb? I'm not sure but I do know that it was born yesterday and I couldn't get enough of him.

Sister was cooing up a storm and full of smiles

same baby. I couldn't get enough

couldn't get enough of this cute baby either

This little piggy had an itch....

he just had to scratch

War was such a big boy and after the ponies got started moving he couldn't get enough and was all smiles

The rest of the time he kept talking in half sentences about riding the pony, so cute

more babies..

have you EVER seen a white peacock???

PS. I totally screwed up the format of this blog but I'm too sidetracked to care! Picking my man up from the airport in T-minus 6 hours!


7 sweet, short days!

I can't believe after SEVEN long months of planning, stressing, working both our butts off and being apart that the time has FINALLY come! Thank the heavens. In just THREE days I will get to be with my LOVE. And you know what? I don't have to say GOODBYE this time, not to him anyway ;) 7 days and we will live HAPPILY ever after. 7 days! 7 DAYS. 7 days.....


Am I a Jazz fan?

What do you think???

Every time the Jazz game or news with the sports highlights is on my dad yells, "Hey! Looks it's Jeff!"

Maybe these aren't the best pictures to compare but it's true... and hey if I get to be with my hunk while he watches that hunk on the court, ummm yeah... :)

Where do we get 'em?

Dinner time at my house began with a blessing on the food, which began with my dad telling us to and I quote

"Save the world on your own time!" haha

Abbie just text me the prayer Warner said tonight. (said very fast)

"Heavenly Father, grateful for. Bless it. A-men."

Grandpa must have got to him too. Silly boys!


Save yourselves..!

This little sweetheart reared her ugly head today.

How embarrassing!

There are no excuses and I think it's pretty safe to say she scared (me) enough to keep her under wraps for the next 12 days. I apologize to all who came across her path of destruction!

Like I said before, How embarrassing!


2 Weeks baby!

That's really all I have to say. 2 weeks and I am a married woman. Can hardly wait! Not to be married in general but to be married to this handsome creature.

You know those lessons in Young Womens? You ladies out there know the ones I am talking about. Make a list of the things you want in a future mate... blah blah blah. 10 minutes later you have a 2 page front and back list of "Prince Charming", long and strict enough to scare the Prince himself. Well when I met Jeff I threw the idea of any list right out the window, not because he couldn't live up to it but because he was better than any list I could have ever conjured up no matter how much time they gave me. He is my perfect match in every way and never ceases to put a smile on my face. He is kind and thoughtful and one of the most intelligent and hardworking people I know. Despite being overly crazy busy with school he has found the time to accept and commit to a priesthood calling, babysit for neighbors/friends, help me with the wedding, find us an apartment and furniture, etc. He makes me laugh everyday, his positive attitude and love for life rubs off on everyone he meets and his loyalty to family and friends makes him a person everyone wants to know and meet. I love his equally sickening addiction to sweets we both share and the way he makes me feel special and loved everyday even from 3,000 miles away. I can't wait to officially make him mine once and for all.

2 weeks!