Mi Amore

Watch out Lance Armstrong, Jeff got his first road bike!

etch-a-sketch on my phone
Scrubbed in to observe at a conference in Houston a few weeks back

Both my boys, napping together
I love them.


Since February marks the first month of us making payments on Jeff's student loans we had agreed to not do gifts for Valentines. I should have known that Jeff wouldn't stick to our agreement and friday after he left for work I went into the bathroom to brush my teeth and discovered a hidden homemade card by my one and only. It explained in a very clever rhyme to back an overnight bag. I quickly put together the candy bar card I had planned to give him on tuesday and when he came home he got a little surprise too :) We dropped Scout off at Jodi's house (Jeff's cousin) and headed to Lake Las Vegas. It is awesome and so beautiful out there. We were there during their off-season and even though it was a bit of a ghost town we loved it and can't wait for the summer months when they put on their free jazz concerts.
the private beach at our resort
the courtyard view from our room

another view from our room
Celine Dion lives somewhere out there, or so I've heard. I'm happily spreading that rumor

Scout was exhausted when we picked him up and brought him home! And then we took him to 2 different dog parks and he resumed this position for the rest of the night when we got home
the candy bar card I made for Jeff for Valentines
Thanks for a great weekend! Love you b00!

On saturday after getting home from "the lake" we checked the mail and got a fun valentines surprise from Becky. She is so sweet and of course the first thing I mentioned was the fact that she made it turquoise just me. Thanks Beck!

I made some delicious and darling little rice crispy chocolate drizzled heart pops! They turned out so cute and Scout and I spent Tuesday delivering them around.
Hope everyone had a wonderful Valentines! XOXO

Ab text me and her and Lollie were making valentine cupcakes. Yum!


We have had so many visitors since we got here in October and especially since the first of the year. We love it!!! In October, the in-laws, Chris and Tess and their friends John and Courtney came down and helped us move into our apartment. November, my parents came down for the weekend and then Chris and Tess came back down to play over the Martin Luther King Day weekend. A week later Ryan and Jill were here for a business convention and we got to hang out with them a couple of times over the weekend. The weekend after that Abbie and her kids came down and my mom came with them. Over Valentines weekend we went out to Lake Las Vegas and this weekend Dave and Becky will be here! Hopefully the rest of the year will continue this way, we love having all the visitors we can get!
Here are some pictures we took while Abbie, my mom and the kids were in town.

the gardens at the Bellagio were decorated for the Chinese New Year

War couldn't get enough of the dragons, especially when he saw them blow real smoke out of their noses!

Warner loved the glass Coke bottle elevator at the Coke store. Grammy was nice enough, despite her fear of heights to ride it more over and over with him
the park by our house

Thanks to everyone who has made the trip down to see us! Come again, we love you!