"Those People"

I must admit, with a bit of regret (regret isn't the right word, embarrassment? that's more like it) that we have become "those people". You know who they are, they treat their animals like they are children, talk about them constantly, brag about them, pull out pictures for anyone who will look at them, even for those who would rather not. What can I say, Scout is our "baby" right now. Someday I now know that I will be one of "those moms" and you know what? That's ok. If our kids are even half as cute as Scout is I will have plenty to brag about. (ugh, annoying right?) haha So without further adieu here are some pics of our boy.

This is Scout's favorite way to ride in the care, he ducks back in for breaths every few minutes but other than that he is a happy pup.

Apparently they give out for than lollipops at the banks these days, I opened up the tube to get my cash and this pretty red bone was sitting inside. Again, one happy puppy!


Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter! I got up a bit early and snuck out to the kitchen to make a yummy Easter breakfast and set out Jeff's Easter treats. We had whole wheat brown sugar banana pancakes that I found on pinterest and they were delicious! We spent the rest of the day going over our primary lesson, watching the Masters and preparing our masterpiece of an Easter cake.
Dreamed up by yours truly, Ice Cream Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting. It might not have looked as pretty as I had planned but it did not disappoint!

A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes

Jeff and I have been talking about buying a house since we got married, we knew our time would come and patiently waited. We started looking and browsing homes, neighborhoods, listings, etc. in November after we got settled here in Vegas. The first neighborhood we drove through we both instantly fell in love. I told Jeff I didn't care what house we bought as long as it is was in this particular neighborhood! It is that unique, darling, quiet, new, and so much more. There were at least 8 homes in this neighborhood for sale and we went home and pulled up the neighborhood just to find out that all of them were under contract and not active listings. :( That sucked but it didn't keep us (me) from driving through the neighborhood every chance I got. I'm sure the neighbors think we are a bunch of crazy creepers! Wait until they found out we're gonna be neighbors! ha We happened upon our real estate agent by chance and quickly set up a search for that area that would alert us anytime a new house came on the market in the area and we started looking elsewhere. We made an appointment to walk through 3 different houses on the Saturday Chris and Tess would be in town just to have our agent call us on Friday to tell us all three were already sold! He sent us a link to some other houses and the first listing was a house in the neighborhood we love. We were so excited and called him right away to see if we could walk through the next morning, the house had literally been listed an hour earlier and he didn't even know it was for sale! Our agent made a call and we were set to walk through saturday morning.
Saturday morning we walked through the house and found that it's everything we have been looking for! It was great to have Chris and Tess with us being our voice of reason and also encouraging us to make an offer (it didn't take much believe me!). We went to walk through another house but we both knew we weren't going to find anything better so we went back, did one more walk through and went straight to the office to make an offer. We set it up so the sellers would have until monday @5 to accept our offer but just 2 hours later we got the call that they accepted. 2 other people were getting ready to make offers and 5 others were set to walk through that day so we felt so excited and blessed to have been the first ones and it paid off!
We opened escrow on monday and now are just waiting to hear back from the bank, who has 90 days to accept our offer. The listing agent explained it is a small, local lender and she doesn't believe it will take that long. We are hopeful it won't because it's only been a week so far and we're on pins and needles! Tuesday we went and purchased a new washer and dryer and I told Jeff, "You know you are getting old when you are excited about the new washer/dryer you just bought!"
So here's "our" house!
We absolutely love it!
It's a 3 bed, 2.5 bath
2,200 sq. ft.
large loft, lots of storage
great backyard
charming double doors and porch
lots of natural lighting
Can't wait for it to be ours!

Our Spring Break Stay-Cation

Chris and Tess came down south and we all had a pretty sweet vacation which consisted of:

-House shopping, and purchasing! (More on that later)
-Many intense and sometimes long games of Settler of Catan
-dinner @ Setebellos. I had to give it a 2nd chance, turns out it's pretty darn good!
-Chris and Tess went to see Garth, so jealous! Jeff and I listened to Garth all night and watched Tower Heist (stupid!)
-A gorgeous and scenic drive around Red Rock
-Pizza ordered in and more Settlers
-Jeff and Chris went on a bike ride while Tess and I took Scout for a hike and to the dog park
-Soaking up the sun by the pool
-Jeff and I got the 2 for 1 locals' deal and saw Phantom @ the Venetian, he loved it!

We love having visitors, thanks for coming Chris and Tess!

*on a side note, Jeff and I went and saw the Hunger Games. Pretty good. And this is pretty funny