Munchkin Land

Sunday was our last day in Primary in the Castleridge ward. We are really going to miss these munchkins and all the pure, innocent and most of all hilarious entertainment they provide. Seriously though, they are the cutest, smartest (awesome parents!) little group and we are sad to be leaving them behind. 

left to right: Jace, Andrew, Eric, Bro. Seare, Katelyn and our visitor Tyler

left to right: Athena, Katelyn, Eric, Jordan and Jace

So long tiny humans, we will miss you!


Livin' for the Weekend!

Chris and Tess came to town for the weekend with some friends and we met up with them for the day at the pool. After the pool we cleaned up, grabbed some snacks, piled in the car and took off to the state line to ride the one and only Desperado roller coaster at Buffalo Bills. Jeff and I grabbed the front car with the girls right behind us and Chris and his friend Landon took the last car. It was all very exciting and some may have felt a little sick afterwards but it was well worth it. We went to dinner afterwards, walked them through our house and Chris and Jeff measured our windows for blinds (Thanks Chris!) and then of course, our favorite, we went to get yogurt afterwards. We love when friends and fam come into town and we get to pretend we're on vacation too!

Ready to go!

 Our "Before" hair shot

 "After" hair shot. It may not look bad but brushing my hair later that night was terrible!



We made a quick getaway to Newport for the weekend a few weeks ago. We dropped Scout off at Aunt Jodi's house and we were on our way! It was just what we needed. Tanner and Margot were going out of town but we did get to have lunch with them and a HUGE thank you to them for letting us crash at their place! We did some shopping, eating and of course spent a few glorious hours at the beach. We already want to go back!

Sadly these are the only picture we took, I guess we were too busy having fun and relaxing to care!

Breakfast on the pier before heading home. Ruby's french toast is to die for. I have been craving since we left!

 As soon as we got back into town we did our 'daily' walk-through of the house. It's looking awesome and more like a habitable house every day!


Lindo Michoacahn

Jeff's favorite mexican restaurant out here ran a groupon the other day so him and some friends of ours bought it and we all went to dinner last saturday night. Whenever we have been there I always fill up on the chips, salsa and guacamole so thinking I was being smart I ordered just a small burrito a la carte. As soon as the waiter brought the tray over I knew...

Knew that this massive, plate-sized burrito of course just HAD to be mine! haha Yikes! Needless to say, I didn't even eat a fourth of it! It was seriously huge and everyone made fun of me for it, including myself!


Nixon comes to Visit

Em (she's like and older sister to me. Right EM?!?) ;) and her cute little fam drove through Vegas on their way to Cali a few weekends ago and we met them on the strip for lunch.

These two were instant friends

 How cute is this kid???

I'm posting this one for Nate and Jeff, they think they're so funny


Day 6, the last day

Day 6 was very relaxed. Scooter rides, swimming, more manicures and visits with friends. I missed my guys terribly but was still very upset to leave my "home" and sisters, kids and parents behind. It's always hard leaving but I'm so glad we were able to do this trip. Thanks to Ab and Mom for planning and chauffeuring all of us around all week. Thanks to Mitchell for sending Em and Ant and thanks to my sweet husband for staying home and working so hard so I could get away and play with my family for the week. XOXO!
Sisters/Mom I am looking forward to next years girls week already, anybody wanna come to Vegas?!? ;)

 Lollie makes a pretty cute puppy dog!

 Abbie told Lollie she loved her and Em said, "NO! I love you!" Lollie looked right at her and said. "NO, Cassie loves me!" Smart girl! I miss her sassy little self already!

30 Days

30 days to go. Let the countdown begin!!!

September 7th can't come soon enough..


Day 5

Day 5 involved a visit to the cemetery to grandma and stacy's graves, a visit with papa (no pics of course :/), it was so nice to be at his house and feel so close to grandma, her spunky and loving spirit is definitely still there. Then we were off to mom's for a bbq with grandma and grandpa Archer. 

The chalk found it's way out

Grammy gave Lollie a polish job

And then Lollie returned the favor :)

manicure this time

There were tears shed. Ab and the kids had been on the go and had visitors for weeks now..

It's rough being a kid who plays so much

 Tired War

Lucky me, I got a turn too, right after Ab of course

For a year 2 old she did a pretty impressive job, looked better than my left hand when I do my own!

Beautiful Grandma Kaye,  I hope I have her gorgeous, creamy skin when I'm her age

Hosing off and note grandpa's (dad's) freshly painted and drying nails in the bottom left corner. hehe

 I'll probably get in trouble for posting this but it's too cute and funny. Just cleaning his undercarriage