Reunited and it Feels so Good

This past tuesday I went to lunch with my favorite two roommates Jack and Lil. I have missed them since I moved back home in September and although we all vowed we would stay in touch, and still hang out, it didn't happen of course. What happened was school and work and lucky for me and engagement to my sweet sweet man which started the planning. Anyway, it was super exciting to hang out with them and get updated with what's going on in their lives. Jackie moved to Hawaii, Whoop! to do some travel nursing and is loving it and Lilian is back at Westminster working on her Art degree and just got certified as a phlebotomist. Wow, we have all been busy girls. We met at Lil's new house and went to our FAVORITE sushi restaurant.... PAGODA! ( If you haven't been there, shame on you. Do it. It's so good.) We had a great time talking and chatting and eating of course and then we said our goodbyes and parted ways, this time for good. Jack is off to Australia and then back to Hawaii, Lil is back to school and I am off to CT. But you better believe we WILL stay in touch and I feel a girl's NY weekend may be in our future :)

We all look AWESOME in this picture. Yikes!


Last but not least my home ward shower

Saturday afternoon my ward threw me a lovely bridal shower. It was a casual and fun open house and I was delighted with how many came to show their love and support for Jeff and I. I have always been so thankful for growing up in such a tight-nit ward and neighborhood and I definitely felt lucky at the shower to have so many good friends, both young and old. Jeff and I were once again showered with gifts and I know I can speak for Jeffrey as well when I say we appreciate it so much. Everything we have been given will help us to settle in and become established a little easier and make our new apartment our home for the next 15 months. I am so excited! Here are some great pics we took throughout the shower.

Abbie, Mom, sister and I enjoying each other before the shower started

Can't seem to get enough sister pictures before I leave

Ab and Em we've adopted her as our sister as well

The awesome recipe book my sister had put together for me ( the recipes are all handwritten and from the kitchen of my extended family members) I can't wait to get cookin'!!!

The next few are of my sweet neighbors/shower guests



Trisha (my gracious shower host) and Celia

Lana, she gave me some great advice! hehe

One of the many cards/gift cards we received. Thank you!

Wendy and her darling niece

Dana and I

Me and War, I love my little buddy!

After the shower we got to spend some more time with Abbie and her tinies. I got this darling smile out of sister while we were having a little girl time. Isn't she pretty?


A sister dinner

Last night I had the opportunity to go to dinner with my new sister-in-law Jill. We went to Zupas, yum! We had such a good time and were there for about 2 hours just telling stories, laughing and talking about the Seare boys that we love so much. She is so great and we have so much in common, it was fun to spend time with her and see her darling pregnant self (she is probably one of the cutest pregnant girls ever). I am very excited to be getting another sister and while I am also excited and looking forward to moving to CT I am sad to be leaving my new family so soon. I guess that's the great thing about a forever family, we have ALL eternity :)


My surprise EKG going away party!

I seriously have the best co-workers anyone could ask for! I received a text last night telling me I would not need to make a lunch for work today and I should bring my camera, if I wanted :). When I got to work this morning there was quite a bustle going already, it continued most of the day and the hushed conversations became more frequent among the ones that abruptly stopped altogether when I walked into the room. There was a lot of body positioning going on as well to hide certain items and many big smiles were shot my way. I was getting excited and anxious needless to say and was relieved when Kem grabbed my hand and finally led me to the conference room where everyone was waiting. They had a lovely (and huge) lunch set out and a scrapbook page on the table that everyone had signed for me. So sweet! We had a great time talking, eating and going over all the exciting wedding/moving plans in my very near future.

Lunch EKG style. Just doing what we do best!

Mar posing with the beautiful bouquet of flowers they gave to me and the dessert table.
(Funny side story- Yesterday at work Juett was saying how she was on a baking craze and needed to make something that night. She quickly asked me for some good ideas. I have as most of you know been off sweets (sugar in general) for a few months now but have an obsession with baking blogs and baking myself. I figured out I eat with my eyes instead of my mouth. It's not quite as satisfying but its close enough and it sure helps to maintain my girlish figure ha! So I told her I know what I would make and quickly printed the recipe for her. It was for a chocolate peanut butter ice cream cake with caramel and hot fudge sauce. Hello! I said if I could eat any sweet right now it would be that! Well, guess who fell into Juett's sneaky little trick like a real sucker!? Needless to say, after my delicious lunch I treated myself and had a piece of the most delicious chocolate peanut butter ice cream cake with extra hot fudge and caramel and it was soo worth it!)

Me with the party planner

Can't take her anywhere! ;)

Pretty ladies, minus a few!

I am going to miss this.

The scrapbook page they made and signed for me

I have been so lucky to have such a great job and great friends/coworkers! I have made some lifelong friends and let's not forget that's where I met my one and only Jeffrey! It has taught me so many things and opened some great doors for me as far as experience goes. I am proud to say I have been an EKG tech and an IHC employee. I am going to miss so many things about my job and hope to find something as equally fun and challenging in CT. I am going to miss my EKG lab and coworkers, they have been my family for the past 2 years! Thank you guys for everything you have done for me and Jeff!

More pictures, less words!

Few more race day photos... that I stole! I believe I paid $75 big ones to run 13.3 miles at 7 in the am so excuse me for not wanting to pay $13 for a 5x7 photo I can print at Wally world for $0.13.

Yes, I'm a thief but at least I am honest about being dishonest. Do two wrongs make a right? or is it.. Do two rights make a wrong? Either way my pictures will still have the ugly "proof" stamped on them so I guess that's what I get.

Pointing out Morris (Juett's boyfriend which she'll kill me for saying) to Juett

Umm hey there crazy ponytail!

This is me thinking "If there is one more corner I have to turn thinking its the end only to find out its not, I'm gonna open a can!"

Oh yeah baby! We did it, We did it!



This story goes back a bit, a full year to be exact. A couple of girls I worked with and I decided that we were going to run a marathon! We had this elaborate training plan and even had a 5K, 10K, and half marathon on the calendar to help us prepare. Well that was all fine and dandy and then about 4 days later one by one everyone had become injured or unmotivated and had backed out. Bummer. But for me to not say that I was a little relieved would be a lie. Okay, maybe I was a lot relieved. haha Well 2010 rolled around and once again me and those same coworkers got talking about doing a race. Well I wasn't going to go through last years events again so before anyone could back out I had 3 of us registered to run the SLC Half-Marathon!

When we signed up the race was about 15 weeks out and felt like a very distant thing but I started training and found that to be somewhat enjoyable and somewhat stressful. Time is necessary to train for a race, you need to time to go to the gym or hit the streets and run and with working full time, going to school part time and planning a wedding, time is something you have to manage wisely. I did however manage to find the time to train and I am so glad I took it as seriously as I did because April 17 sure had a way of creeping up on me!

Race Day: April 17, 2010
Alarm goes off at 0445, I was already up. Had been up every hour on the hour since I went to bed at 2200. I kept having nightmares that I had slept through the race, but oddly enough I still felt rested and ready to jump out of bed. Adrenaline is a magical little thing! We were up and on the gateway/university train by 0645. My stomach was in butterflies but I was excited and just kept hoping to finish. I really wanted to make a great time or at least finish by my goal of 2.5 hours but even more than that, I was just focused on finishing and just kept hoping that I trained hard enough. We finally got off the train at the starting gate and because of the half gallon of water I had drunk since just waking up I could care less about the race, I had to pee. NOW! Well, unfortunately for me so did every other person so we waited, and waited and waited in line. I just kept thinking nothing can be more painful than this! I was almost in tears I had to go so badly, I thought if I can just remember how awful this is nothing in the race can be as bad. (Ha Maybe I'll try and channel that again when I have babies someday.) I Finally got my turn and then we were headed up the hill.

I can't express the exhilaration I felt when we crossed the start line and headed down the street. I felt so empowered and decided right at that moment that this wasn't going to be my first and last race. (I would later around mile 12 hate myself for jumping the gun and making such a brash decision!) I felt great and couldn't wipe the stupid grin off my face. I think part of me was in shock that it was actually happening and another part was just out for a nice jog on a beautiful morning.

I don't know how but I was completely oblivious to any and all mile markers, I only saw 3 because Juett pointed it out to me and 10 and 12 because they happened to be practically in the middle of the road as for the rest I don't know if they really existed but I'm positive it was to my benefit that I did not see them! It was such a beautiful course and took us through parts of SLC that I have never seen before. That kept me going, the men and women twice my age and size blowing by me also kept me going. You know it kind of sucks when grandma passes you in her little running skirt and water bottle belt and leaves you behind in her dust! I was so amazed by some of the people, I can only hope that someday when I am that age I am well and able and fit enough to do the same! As for me, I was just grateful for a healthy, strong body and will power to be running that race that day.

When the road split and the marathoners headed left I was only too happy and thankful to be heading right! The rest of the race was great and my friend/coworker Juett was a perfect running partner. We kept each other motivated and the little stubborn and prideful devil in me didn't let her get more than a few steps ahead until I was picking up the pace and matching her step for step again. The last mile came so quickly but it was probably the hardest of the entire race. I was more than happy to see the large Gateway train station straight ahead. Ha! What a teaser. The race wasn't done there, oh no we had to wind around to the entrance of the mall area where a large semicircle of balloons was. Ah... there it is I thought, so close. Or so I thought, the road just kept winding so I just kept running and finally we crossed the finish line. I had chills up and down my arms and legs I was so unbelievably happy and once again in shock, this time that it was over! It really kinda sucked to cross the finish line and feel so good and proud of myself and look out and see only unfamiliar faces. Kind of sucked bad but I know my friends and fam would have been there if they could. I couldn't wait to call my bebe and tell him I had finished. Not only did we finish though, Juett and I crossed the finish line 10 whole minutes ahead of the personal goal we had set! We finished the race with an official time of 2 hours 20 minutes 53 seconds. That alone was enough for me to know that I had definitely caught the running bug! I'm not so sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing at this point but I do know there will be more races in the future!

Waiting in line for the restroom before the race, I was seriously hurting at this point! (Juett has the pics we took at the finish line so stay tuned...)

The Seare/Sorenson bridal shower!

After the race I ran home and cleaned myself up in a fury and was unfortunately still late... to my own bridal shower. HOW RUDE! I know, I know. In my defense it was a hard place to find and I'm already pathetic when it comes to finding addresses, yes even in Utah the home of the brilliant grid system. (Don't worry Jeff is planning on getting me a GPS for my car when I get out to CT!) Anyway, back to the story.. I showed up 20 minutes late and no one even seemed to notice! I was greeted at the door with open arms, warm hugs and smiling faces.

Unfortunately, my mom was out of town but Abbie was able to come to the shower and meet Jeff's family and they likewise got to meet her. There were some familiar faces and some new faces but I was so happy to see and meet them all again. We had a delicious lunch and went around introducing ourselves to the group and telling our connection to Jeffrey. (The Seares and Sorensons did a combined family like my family did) It was a lot of fun and they asked me to tell the stories of how we met and our engagement story, my favorite story to tell! Then after more visiting and fun stories about how much they all just adore Jeff and what a great man I am getting (also my favorite to hear) we opened presents. They were so generous and gave Jeff and I some amazing gifts. It was really nice to be with them all and have their love and support. They are both amazing families and I am so blessed to be able to be apart of their families. Here are some pics Ab snapped at the party.

Sister, Ab and I and my awesome bakeware set!

Can you say Pyrex glassware with lids? I hate cooking/baking can't you tell?! ;)

Jeff's Aunt Annette pre-scrapbooked this book for us so all we have to do is add our wedding pictures. I am so excited, I suck at scrap booking and this one is so beautiful inside! Can't wait to fill it up.

Grandma Sorenson and I

Some of the ladies, Jeff's cousin Laci is in the yellow dress and everyone thinks we could be twins! She had quite a few people introduce themselves to her before I got to the shower! So funny and neither of us see the resemblance haha

This is the "red plate tradition" my first Seare family tradition! My sweet mother-in-law bought this and had it shipped so that I would be able to get it at my shower. It reads You are Special Today and it is to be used for that special person on special days. I was so touched and am honored to be a part of my first family tradition!

All the Seare girls together!

We are sisters.

Me with all the Seare ladies.


One month baby!

In just one month from today I will be going here

With this handsome devil

And then he will whisk me away to this beautiful place

And we will live happily ever after!

It's hard to believe that in just one month I will officially become Mrs. Jeffrey David Seare. I have not looked forward to something so much in my life and at the same time just wished it was over. Planning a wedding is hard work folks, it's not all fun in games but I know that in a few weeks as I walk out of the temple hand in hand with my new husband that it will have all been so worth it. I am not, however, just planning a wedding. The wedding, the actual day that is, is not what I am excited for, I know it will be one of the greatest days of my life but I am excited for everyday after the wedding. Everyday that I get to be with my love. I am very blessed to have him and can't wait to keep him forever.


War's 2nd Birthday!

Saturday morning Abbie, sister (aka. Lauren) and War came down and we had a big birthday breakfast as a family to celebrate Buck and Warner's birthday. They share April 10. It was very nice to be together as a family, unfortunately I didn't get any photos..

Tonight my mom and I went down to Abbie and Brandon's house for a little birthday dinner and ice cream for our little War-dog.

Abbie had the cake in the middle of the table but Warner wasn't having it, he climbed right up on his chair and pulled it to the very edge of the table where he could get a closer look...

He's a great candle blower outer. Blower outer?

Sister also made an appearance and was looking lovely in purple. I love that her cheeks are starting to feel out more, so cute.

Happy Birthday War and Buck, we love you!