I hate to admit that I am on pinterest, along with the rest of the ladies in the world. Seriously. But I do find it is full of great ideas, advice, recipes, etc. Here are a few of my pinterest makes thus far..
whole wheat peanut butter banana bread

book page wreath
christmas goodies
Zupa's Wisconsin Cauliflower soup, so so good!
Chocolate sour cream bunt cake with added peanut butter chips. BEST cake ever.
I love you picture frames
I stamped the paper behind, anyone need to borrow valentine stamps? haha
Much more to come


A week of Firsts

Scout had a very big week this week. Are you all sick of hearing about Scout? Well too bad, he's our only child for now and we love his every move. Well, almost! Anyway, he had a big week. Monday he got his last set of puppy vaccinations. Tuesday he got his first haircut and went on his first walk. Finally we are no longer cooped up in the apartment, we are out enjoying the gorgeous January Vegas weather.

PS. it's 63 degrees out today :)

This was our boy on Sunday. Black, fluffy, totally dirty, stinky and ADORABLE.
If you look closely you will see what is left of the little orange tennis he was playing with. What a goof!

This is our boy on Monday, NAKED, grey and freezing!
He is still adorable but I was a little heart broken when I picked him up and realized my fluffy, black puppy is gone ;(
His first walk. He didn't take to the leash very well at first and when we would tug him a bit to get him moving he would tug right back with a defiant look on his face. It was pretty funny.

Just a close up of his naked little body, he's so skinny! And Jeff says he looks like a gremlin because his head is so much bigger than his little body. For those of you who don't what a gremlin is, (I'm not the only one right? I had to look it up.) here is a picture.



When we got home from Utah Jeff immediately unwrapped the soda machine and we had a toast with none other than our homemade Red Bull.

Christmastime in Utah

"It's Christmastime in Utah, you see it all around.." Or something like that. Don't know that song? The grandpa of a girl in my elementary school class wrote it and we sang it every year since. I'll never forget it, or the first half of the first line anyway..
We ventured up north to join in the reindeer games. Didn't get too many pictures, we were too busy having fun, or something like that.

This was taken during the annual Seare Christmas Eve Seafood Feast. It makes me think of the clip in toy story with all the little green aliens in the vending game. "ooh, the CLAAAAWWW!"

Scout and I now share a pillow. It's cute and very annoying. Cutely annoying. Is that an oxymoron?
the boys playing with their new remote control cars, scout was chasing them all around

lollie trying on grandpa's boots
Ski day, I pooped out and didn't go unfortunately but everyone else came back happy and sweaty

Scout's position on the ride home. He climbed up on Jeff and slept this way after we switched drivers
Eating his lunch on top of the car because he was not going to do it in the kennel

Christmas 2011

Jeff and I decided to do our personal christmas a few days early and save ourselves the hassle of hauling all our presents along with all our families to Utah. It went a little something like this...

Jeff got a pad folio for work, this styrofoam like piece was inside and within a minute scout turned it from this...
to this...

All hail the Soda Maker! Ahhh.....

Scout pretty much has no conscience for personal space. Everything is his, no questions asked

the bundt pan I have been talking about buying for over a year. Thanks hon!
I'm "pumped" about these
We were very spoiled and enjoyed having a quiet night with just us before making the trek to Utah for all the reindeer games. Merry Christmas!

Not quite Temple Square Christmas Lights

I have really missed being able to go to temple square during the holidays and walking around and seeing the lights and mangers. This year Jeff and I stumbled upon our own "temple square like" christmas lights, they don't quite match but they are pretty awesome nonetheless.



Ah, i love baking. During December I found every excuse out there to bake, and bake I did. :)
I made a big platter for Jeff to take into the office. It took me like 3 days to get everything made but I loved every minute of it and I already have big plans for next year, and every holiday in-between of course!

peppermint bark, egg nog spice donuts and peanut butter thumbprints. Yum!

tiny donuts=happy tiny humans

Pre-story background:
Jeff and I started a new tradition last christmas where we try to serve and give to others more than ask for things and hope to receive. This year Jeff took it a little further and came up with a great idea to do the 12 days of Service during the month of December. One of our service items was to babysit for a couple so they could have a date night out. Jeff's cousin Carissa and her husband Brandon were more than happy to oblige and we were just excited as the kids.

Scout was a huge hit from the beginning. How could anyone not lover his tiny face? The kids just adored him and all through out the night they were carrying him around, loving him and watching his every move.

My mom had given us a baby cakes mini donut maker and as soon as we told the kids we were going to make them after dinner dinner was over. It was the cutest thing, they were so excited and Kennedy just kept decorating donut after donut, she couldn't get them fast enough and Shane was eating them just as fast. About 15 minutes in there was sprinkles covering the table, floor and frosting as well, I was busy making donuts and Jeff was quite patiently decorating with the kids, Kennedy thought so anyway. She told him right out, "You're really good with kids, you should have some!" haha That made us both laugh right out loud. (No we are NOT pregnant) After we ran out of donuts to decorate we decided to clean up and watch a movie. All through the movie Kennedy was holding Scout and if he happened to jump off her lap for a second she would rush to the kitchen, get her plate of donuts down, give them a quick look over, scoop Scout back up and return to the couch. She was just so proud of those donuts. It was the cutest thing. We had so much fun with them, they are so cute and so darn polite. Thanks Brandon and Carissa for letting us play!

So proud

the girls were decorating and the boys were eating

Scout and his new best friend. He sat to sweetly on her lap all night

P.S. I have given up on trying to upload then delete then upload my pictures multiple times to make them look decent. Sorry but they are going to look like crap from now on I guess.

P.S.S. Blogger thanks for making my pictures look so great. You suck!