Who's your daddy???

This past week Jeff and I have been over to our friends from our ward Mike and Melissa's to help them move and clean. Monday night after we had loaded up the uhaul truck the men drove it to their new house to unload and Melissa and I stayed at their apartment with their two tinies to play and pack up all their food. Melissa and I were packing and talking when their little Hallie came running into the room and asked me, "Where's your daddy?" "My daddy? Oh he's in Utah." to which she replied, "No he's not! He's at our new house!" haha Melissa and I had a good laugh at that. I don't think Jeff minded too much when we told him about it later. Big daddy. Haha!


Not quite how I imagined it

The inevitable happened. I was asked to speak in church. Haha I have been waiting for the phone call since we moved here and I started attending our new ward (the ward jeff has been going to since Aug of last year) but I didn't think I would be doing it alone. Yep. Alone. Somehow Jeff did not get asked. Uh what? So I braved the stand on my own last sunday and gave a mediocre talk on the sacrament while my husband relaxed in the audience. I really don't mind speaking in church but next time I would like to sit next to my hot man instead of the young man who seemed more than uncomfortable when I sat down in the chair next to him. ha

After Sacrament meeting Jeff came into nursery with me and subbed so I wouldn't be alone and outnumbered! He was so cute! He read them stories and taught them how to play "I spy", sang with us during singing time and helped me by taking them out and walking with them when we were on the verge of having a runaway! We had gotten all the toys cleaned up and set them in their chairs around the table for a snack and then Jeff said to one of the little boys in my class, "I think cassie forgot to get me my snack!" So I poured him a dixie cup of water and laid out his napkin with animal crackers and french fries (veggie straws) and he ate his snack like a good little boy. He's so sweet! I am so thankful for his optimistic and fun approach to all things in life. Although we won't be having our own babies for a few years I know he is going to make such an amazing father! Thanks for your help babe! xo


Sugar and Spice

Sugar and spice and everything nice...

that's what little girls are made of. Miss Chloe. Born August 27

Congratulations to our sister Jill and Brother Ryan on their new little bundle! We can't wait to meet her!


Boston or Bust!

After working the last 4 weekends in a row and on the opposite schedule of Jeff I had about had it so friday night as we were leaving BNB I called the hospital and politely told them I was not coming in in the morning. We got up early saturday morning and headed to Boston! We stopped at the temple first and did some temple work, the boston temple is so beautiful and it was so nice to be able to go back together. It is a little strange not being able to have a handful of temples within an hours time of each other and I am beginning to really appreciate the members who do not live in Utah or the US for that matter and have to plan a day, week or whatever to be able to go to the temple rather than just taking a few hours out of their morning, afternoon or evening. I am so thankful to be worthy of going inside the temple and more importantly to have a loving and devoted priesthood holder to take me there. Not being able to go to the temple anytime I want has really made me appreciate more the importance and blessings of the temple. We are very lucky to be able to have the Boston temple just 2 hours north and the Manhattan temple about 1 1/2 hours south and I am looking forward to attending both of them as regularly as is possible for Jeff and I.

After leaving the temple we headed for the city. Boston is such a unique, charming little (BIG) place and I was instantly in-love. I was taken by the seaport atmosphere mixed with all of the history and awesome old buildings and cemetaries. Jeff and I had such a fun time walking the "Freedom Trail" hand in hand and stopping to read, discuss and take pictures of all the historical sites. Of course the first 5 minutes from the car my flip flop decided to split down the middle and Jeff was too embarrassed to walk with me any further walking like I had on flippers so we headed across the street and I got these $10 beauties thanks to CVS pharmacy.

After that we may have caught a shopping bug and when we spotted an H&M we might have got off course and shopped a bit. Boston was surprisingly chilly despite the reported 80 degree weather they were supposed to be having so we may or may not have bought matching zip up hoodies. Cause were cute like that. And because we were in Boston on the warf we had to have some seafood. We decided a lobster roll and lobster bisque soup would do the job and it was so good! The soup anyway, I don't think I have made my mind up about the lobster roll yet, Jeffrey quite liked it but we both agreed the bisque was to die for. We had the perfect day and may have already started planning for another weekend trip soon, next time we'll stay a night or two there is so much we want to do still.

street dancers we stopped to watch

Jeffrey eating his first lobster roll


Nerd Alert!

Date night.
I surprised Jeff with a date friday night to .....BARNES N NOBLE! hehe It's quite out of the ordinary for a date but I had made a list of things we had to do while there like
-find our favorite children's story and read it to each other
-go to the travel section and read up on a place you would like to go
-find a recipe in the cooking section to make for the other
-Find a joke book and read each other a joke
etc. etc.
It was actually really fun and it was nice to do something a little different together and believe it or not we even got a little competitive and feisty (okay, I got feisty) when it came to finding each other a word to learn and use in a sentence but we settled it over a delicious bottle of root beer and a reeses cookie. Thanks for putting up with my off the wall date idea babe. he's such a trooper!


3 months

Happy 3 Month Anniversary to my sweets and me.

Couldn't have asked for anyone more perfect me.

I love you more moment we are together and looking forward to everyday to come in our eternity.


Good times and suntan lines

We had a perfect weekend. I could really say that and be done but I will gladly elaborate :)
We were both fortunate to have friday off and after Jeff woke up in the evening (he worked all night) we got up and got out of the house. We were on the schedule to clean the church this week so we decided to go and knock our portion out so we wouldn't have to worry about it. It was actually kinda fun and we got a lot done in the time we were there. On our way out of the church parking lot I said "Aren't you glad I signed us up to clean the church?" to which Jeff's reply was "You did this to us?!" haha we really did have fun and I am glad our turn is over for now.
After the church business we set off to Bed Bath and Beyond to help curb our retail cravings. Nothing like a little retail therapy.. I honestly don't even remember what we bought but it was fun to spend some money. Sick I know. We of course ended up at Taco Bell for dinner, Yum and got a little ice-cream for dessert. We laugh and say that if nothing else we will always have Taco Bell and Peanut butter in common. Weirdos!
Saturday we got up early and headed to "the mountain" in CT. The only one I have ever seen anyway and it's hardly a mountain by Utah standards but it is beautiful and it was nice to be outdoors. It's actually called the Sleeping Giant and oddly enough is literally right across the street from the main QU campus. We went on a short and fun little hike and hung out at the top where they had this really cool castle looking building with fire pits and a picnic table, I quickly started making plans for another trip up there when I saw that. Poor Jeffrey, he could just see the wheels turning in my head. The weather was perfect and we enjoyed the time we had to just hang out with one another. After coming down the trail we headed across the street to QU and played tennis. I am happy to report that there were no ill feelings from either one of us this tennis lesson. I am definitely still sucking but am getting the hang of being in control and learning to set up and be ready for the ball. A few more times out and we will be squaring off in no time! I had to work that evening so we headed home and while I was getting ready for work my love made me a delicious lunch and packed my dinner for me. Love him!

The Sleeping Giant. (Left to right) Head, chest, knees, feet


Date night, my favorite day of the week

On Saturday Jeff and I finally had a full day off together and we sure took full advantage of it! We got up and headed for New Haven to take a tour of the Yale campus. It is breathtaking! I love all the stonework and the fully gothic theme of it all! The gargoyles and the large towers and well everything. It's such a cool campus and it offers a different setting in the heart of busy downtown New Haven, it's like its own fully functional, self reliant country or territory. The tour was just over an hour and we couldn't have picked a more beautiful day to be outside, the temp was in the low 80s and there was no humidity just a light breeze I'm sure that had to do a little with the enjoyment of the day. I'm pretty sure neither one of us would have enjoyed it if we were walking in the hot muggy humidity. After the tour finished we stopped and went into a couple of shops and then headed for Pepe's Pizza a famous hot spot pizza parlor in New Haven. It was one of the first (3) pizza places in the nation straight from Italy. It was really good, Jeff and I liked the super thin crust a lot but I wished the crust crust had been softer and more chewy. We both agreed it was really good but not the 'best' pizza we had ever had, which we blamed for growing up in Utah which does not have a strong influence of thin crust pizza. After we left New Haven we decided to venture to West Haven to the beach and boardwalk. It was a blast! We love West Haven and decided then and there that someday we were going to own or rent a beach house for a year or two, the atmosphere alone is enough to make you happy. We walked out on the pier, watched some old Guida's (Italians) play Bocci Ball, walked the boardwalk, and sat and watched a large group of both really young and really old people shaking it in the middle of the boardwalk to the YMCA! I loved it. I could do that everyday. It was an awesome day and I was so happy to have it off and to be able to spend it with Jeff. He is so sweet and good to me, I have been a grumpy girl the last few days because of the little time I have been able to spend with him and my upcoming schedule (starting tomorrow :( ) that will keep me from seeing him most of the time except for a few hours in the night and one lucky day a week I will have the evening off for the next month but he has been so kind and understanding even when I am less than easy to put up with and pouty. I knew it would be this way, we both new it would be this way. I am so happy to be here in CT and wouldn't choose to be anywhere else right now even if that means I don't get to see Jeff as much right now. Heck it sure beats being 3000 miles away from him! But that doesn't make it any easier to be away from him. I am loving our life right now and not wishing away any minute of it but I do look forward to every minute we get to spend with each other not talking about school or work! I'm only human after all.

Just a little history of Yale in case you didn't know (I didn't) it was the first school to have a school mascot (which by the way is stuffed and on display in the visitor center. weird.), school fight song, school cheerleaders, Yale students invented the frisbee, it invented the modern games of football, basketball and baseball. Crazy.

Geek #1

and Geek #2

this is their (main) library if you can believe it or not

windows in the library, I was so taken with them

and apparently in case you didn't already know the 'popped' collar look is back! heaven help us.

This awesome building is home to some of the worlds first and most rare books including the first copy of the Gutenberg Bible

this is the 6 story free standing book shelf system that houses the rare books.

the Gutenberg Bible

the walls of the building are made of marble so as to not let the light in and damage the books. what a cool building and so interesting Jeff and I loved this part of the tour

this grandpa was also sporting the 'popped' collar, a crease in his khaki shorts and a gold chain around his neck. classy! I was getting just as much entertainment out of watching him as I was the tour

the delish coffee oreo ice cream I won by knowing the artist of a song that was playing in a store (or should I say that the store clerk told me! haha Shhhh! ;) don't tell jeff)

Pepe's pizza

the original brick oven

West Haven beach

Bocci ball, it's a pretty big deal

Jeff took this. I love when he gets all Artsy Fartsy on me. It's pretty HOT

Last but not least Jeff and I saw this on the freeway on our way home. Excuse me what?! This car clearly has no built in sun roof. The door was shut and the window rolled up. Figure that one out!


Draggin' it out

Yes I am still talking about my birthday. Deal with it.

Breakfast in bed just isn't that appetizing at 0530 but my sweets set this up for me before he left for work :)

I also did not want to not mention all the sweet cards and happy birthdays that were sent my way. My in-laws sent me a beautiful necklace from fiji, my BF Erika sent me a new purse and shirt from cali, my lover got me my (our) favorite perfume that I was just out of and I got a gift card from my brother-in-law scott, my parents sent me on a movie and treat date with the hubs just to name a few! I am definitely one lucky and loved lady. Thank you to everyone for remembering me!