Good news & Bad news

Good news: Scout is doing much better and we have "lost" the lampshade, for now..
Bad news: Jeff started getting sick sunday night

Good news: Bachelor finale was on monday night!
Bad news: I got what Jeff had and after taking some meds, I was out for the count and slept right through the Bachelor finale :(

Good news: Didn't miss much. Ben chose Courtney. Figures.
Bad news: Jeff and I both had to work Tuesday

Good news: Actually made dinner tuesday after work and did a load of laundry
Bad news: Just the thought of eating said dinner above makes me want to die!

Good news: Pulled myself out of bed this morning to make Jeff breakfast and see him off to work
Bad news: Jeff threw up breakfast, still had to go to work :(

Good news: The spa is closed and I am at home resting
Bad news: Jeff is at work and I feel guilty :(

I promise I will never take being healthy for granted again! This week has been terrible, at least the weather is good and we have all our windows and back door open to air out our nasty germs! As soon as we kick this bug I am disinfecting this whole apartment.

I found a darling haircut on Pinterest and cut my hair less than 24 hours later!

The cut is not so darling on me. Here's to the next 6 months of ugly hair. Again!


Scout's week in pictures




We love him but he is trouble!

We were watching a movie the other night when he jumped up on Jeff's lap with the end of our mac charger in his mouth. Our mac charger that was plugged into the wall mind you, while he proceeded to chew it into two pieces! It's a miracle and a wonder he is not toast right now! Naughty pup.

The time finally came when Scout was to become a puppy, forever! On Thursday our poor boy went into the vet and under the knife. He got snipped, microchipped and had 6 baby teeth pulled, he's so vain! He was surprisingly chipper and happy to come home when we picked him up but after a miserable night and a wound that was getting licked to death, he got his very own lamp shade.

He wasn't thrilled and Jeff and I couldn't decide wether to laugh or cry when we saw this mug staring back at us. So sad and yet adorable at the same time. Get better soon our four legged boy!

Have a great day and don't forget to spay and neuter your pets!


mi madre

My mom is awesome. Here she is playing me a little ditty on her accordion, that's right my mom plays the accordion!
Isn't she cute?!


Weekend Getaway

My cousin Katelyn, who is more like a sister to me than a cousin, came home from her mission in the Philippines. The same weekend miss Lauren or Lollie as we call her was turning 2, so I bought a ticket and planned to travel to Utah solo for a quick weekend. Jeff ended up being able to get off of work and even had monday and tuesday off so he drove up friday evening after work. It was a fun weekend and I was able to get to see a lot of people on friday morning when I got into town. I got to see this cutie and his sweet momma and their darling house, I had lunch with all the Larsen ladies and my friend Whit even came over and we got to chat! Thanks for everyone who made time for me :) Pictures were taken but unfortunately not by me. Thanks to Em and Ab for sending me these cute pics!

Birthday Girl with her "Lollie-pop" cookie pop Abbie made for the party