Billy Goat's Gruff

For the past 16 years (literally every year for 16 years) my dad has put in to get his Goat Tag. *For those of you who don't hunt or know anyone that does, that means he entered into a lottery to get a chance to hunt a Billy Goat. Every year he would tell us it was his year and sadly every year he would end up tag less but earning a point to help him out the next year. (think Hunger Games only for a good reason) Anyway, this is getting wordy so.. Last year my dad was the only hunter in Utah with maximum points so we all figured he would finally draw out his tag. To all our disappointment, somehow he did not. So this year when it came time, I'm pretty sure we were all praying for it to happen for him.

1. So he could finally get his goat and we could stop hearing about it :)

2. He isn't getting any younger (DOH!) and billy goats don't exactly live in the flatlands. It's a strenuous hunt and you have to be in great shape to be successful. My dad IS in excellent shape but seriously not getting any younger...

3. Hunting is expensive and well $$ doesn't grow on trees

Long story short. HA RIGHT?! Dad finally drew out and prepared for months, hiking every week to get in shape and making sure all his crap aka. hunting gear was in mint condition. He headed up? Down? can't remember where the hunt was but anyway he went with 4 hunting buddies and after leaving camp at 0600 he finally shot his Billy at 7 o'clock in the evening. It took them another hour or so just to get to him and then another 2.5 hours to clean him out, in complete darkness. The men split up the meat and dad carried the head and cape and they headed for camp. 4 hours later (mind you it's now 230 in the morning) they made it back to camp. They had nothing more than one water bottle for each guy and some fun size candy bars all day but it was totally worth it, dad finally got his goat!

I can't wait to get my gorgeous goat rug for Christmas. Just Kidding Dad ;)



*I realize I haven't posted anything more about the house. We love it and are spending our time (and all our $$) to make it beautiful. When it is ready, you will hear more about it.

Now on to our "juicy" new blog post. Jeff and I have started, as of today, Day 1 to be exact a 10 day juice cleanse. Jeff has been calling it a diet but I prefer to call it a cleanse. In fact, if you are wondering why we would ever do such a thing, our inspiration if you will, came from another documentary we watched recently. Get on Netflix and watch Fat Sick and Nearly Dead, it will answer all your questions and I'm guessing you will probably be joining us very soon. Maybe not, but I bet you will at least think about it.

Today was Day 1. We woke up and weighed ourselves, like I said we are not calling it a diet and that is not the reason we are doing the cleanse either but, if we happened to lose 5 or 10 or 15 lbs, I don't think either of us would complain. :)

We started off breakfast with a simple and super delicious,

Carrot Fruit Juice:

4 large carrots
2 apples

It was so yummy! I could drink that stuff all day.

Lunch is the one meal where neither Jeff and I are home so that makes juicing a bit difficult and without access to a fridge (Jeff) we just decided to forgo juicing for lunch (only on the weekdays) and just eat fresh fruits and veggies and nuts. It is a bit unconventional but you have to make it work for you and that's just what we are trying to do.

After starving and having a good but let's be honest, rough first day dinner was a juice called Lunch in a Glass. It sounded wholesome and filling.

Lunch in a Glass:

2 Tomatoes
2 Carrots
1/2 head of Cabbage
2 Celery Stalks
1 Broccoli head

It was anything but wholesome and feeling. In fact, it had a hard time wanting to stay in and fill by belly. I don't repeat, I DON'T recommend this "juice" to anyone! We drank half of it and out of determination to finish and not let it waste we juiced 2 granny smith apples to help it slide down the chute (and stay!) It didn't make it delicious but knowing the apples were in there just made me feel better. We decided no more full veggie juices for us, they definitely need to be supplemented with yummy juicy fruits.

Overall, Day One started strong, we felt weak in the middle of the day, determined at dinner and desperate just after. We have resolved to take it one juice 'meal' at a time and see it through for the full 10 days.

Let's hope Day 2 is a bit easier on the taste buds!

making breakfast

yummy Carrot Apple juice


Don't let the smile on my face fool you, I'm about to cry out of dread!

Bottoms up

PS. a big Thank You to Dave and Becky for our Housewarming gift, a brand new shiny Jack La Lanne juicer!