Inka Trail - day 3 - The Gringo Killer

Our wake up calls each morning were around 5 or 530 and we were out on the trail by 630-7 am. Day 3 was another early start as we prepared for the 5 hour day that would consist of 2 hours up and then 3 hours straight down, or the Gringo Killer as the Peruvian's refer to it. This day was probably my favorite on the trail, it was absolutely gorgeous. The scenery went from brush to forest to rainforest, and for the majority of the hike we were hiking on a very narrow trail. One side of the trail met the mountain and the other was a sheer cliff and drop off, besides being freaked out in certain areas and getting mad at Jeff for goofing around, it was like nothing I have ever done before.

exploring some ruins

Jeff kept his i-pone charged the entire hike with his solar panel, he was so proud!

it rained on us pretty good for a little bit this day and was pretty chilly

2nd ruin of the day

lunch break before taking on the gringo killer

the very beginning of the Gringo Killer

this will hopefully give an insight to how steep it really was

ruin #3 and by far my favorite of the day

the view from the ruins

he's not really peeing but we had a good laugh when we saw this picture

3 week old baby llama, it was the cutest thing

locals just playing soccer at the ruins

chef Marco did it again and baked us a cake for dinner that night

a few gorgeous pics taken by our friend Eri from Boston with her amazing camera

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