Peru - day 4, Inka Trail day #1

We got up and left for the start of the Inka Trail early in the morning (July 23, my 24th birthday). After a quick check of our tickets and passports we crossed the bridge of no return and set off for Macchu Picchu. Excited, nervous and anxious; I pretty much felt like I needed to pee all day.

Ollyantantambo River

this "paint" is actually crushed up beetle bugs. They use this to dye their fabrics and can make different colors by mixing it with different things such as lemon juice which produces a mustard yellow color

this face kills me, Chino is in the blue, he was one of our guides (in training)

Our first lunch break, our porters would go ahead of us and set up our camps and cook our meals. It was pretty luxurious for camping

Enrique, our awesome guide

There are 5 dogs to every one person in Peru, most of them are wild and don't have any kind of vaccinations. I wanted to pet all the cute, cleaner looking dogs but didn't dare!

Our first camp, our porters would clap for us as we came into camp and hand us drinks. It was pretty embarrassing actually, considering all we carried was a day pack and they packed everything for us including real silverware and chairs for our meals.

happy to have survived day 1 and getting equally nervous for day 2

Jeff completely surprised me and had this whole thing set up with our guide Enrique before we even left on the trail. How lucky am I?! What an amazing and memorable birthday, I will never forget it!

right after the cake got smashed in my face, I should have known better than to fall for that!

the cake both looked and tasted amazing

our chef Marco

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