Peru - day 3

Day 3 was a full day tour of Cusco and the highlands while en route to Ollaytantambo, the city where we would begin our 4 day hike to MP. We explored the ruins of Pisac,  visited a remote village where we fed the llamas, learned about yarn making & dying and shopped for some 100% alpaca souvenirs.

view of Cusco

our gang, the Sexy Llamas (from L to R)
 Grant and Megan (Toronto), Brian (Calgary), Jen (Toronto), Patrick & Eri (Boston), Kathleen and Donald (Ireland), Trevor (Calgary), in front: Donya (Manhattan), Lilly (New Jersey), Paul (in back) and Sara (in front) (England) and Andy (England)
We felt so lucky to have such a great group of people to travel with, they made our trip that much better!

the children there are so precious and look like darling little porcelain dolls, they were so sweet

feeding the llamas and alpacas and learning the difference between the two

the Sacred Valley

snack break: empanadas from a local 'bakery'

Guinea Pig farm. Pigs are a huge delicacy there and many families farm them and sell them to restaurants to make a living. (More on that to come)


farming terraces

After lunch and a hot, cramped bus ride we got to Ollayantambo where we explored another ruin and turned in early to prepare for our 4 day trek ahead of us. 

mountainside prison

stairs, stairs and more stairs. scary indication of what is to come on the inka trail

ps. this was not a good looking vacation for me. I seemed to look like I was roughing it from day 1!


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