One Year in our Home

It seems like just yesterday that I was making Jeff drive me by our lot and then our house as it was being constructed. We drove by every single day and took a picture, those were the longest days, so it's crazy for me to realize that we have already lived in our home for a year! We have loved every minute of living in our own home, getting to know our neighbors, hosting dinners and parties, shopping for and doing projects around the house. There are still many many blank walls and a never ending list of wants, needs(?) and projects that we have and probably will always have no matter how long we have been here; but I feel like our house is finally at the stage where we can show it off a little. Here's our darling home:

front entry-way

Great Room

Dining Area


Guest Bath

Guest Room


our Backyard

Not pictured: our other bedroom which is doing double duty as a storage area and our office which is under construction.

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